Styled Shoot: Marie Antoinette at the Opera

When it comes to Marie Antoinette, I am instantly drawn in.  I think I've mentioned this a few times throughout the blog, but I drool over the movie version of Marie Antoinette, played by Kirsten Dunst, directed by Sophia Coppola.  It is a fantastic glimpse at the life of this ill fated woman, and her days spent at Versailles.  Having walked through the luscious gardens, and strolled through The Hall of Mirrors myself, I just cannot help myself.  When I was at Versailles, I paused for some moments, and thought "what it must have been like", and then years later the movie came out, and I was won over.  It has to be the location and the fashion that gets me, as the rest of the story is terribly sad.  I love the scenes when the character is trying on the elaborate clothes and wigs, eating macarons, drinking champagne, it takes me to my happy place!

Well, today I am thrilled to feature a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot for you lovelies, with an opera twist! How perfectly amazing! I love it when creative minds come together to put on these imaginative shoots! Kirsten Tyrrel Photography submitted her gorgeous photography to me, and at first glimpse my jaw dropped, and I immediately accepted! How could I not?!

Kirsten had this to say of the shoot:
This shoot was conducted on behalf of St. George Opera, an emerging opera company whose June production this year is The Impressario. The subject's look was inspired by Marie Antoinette and her wig was created out of sheet music from the show!

Please enjoy this imaginative Marie Antoinette inspired shoot, beautifully captured by Kirsten Tyrrel Photography:

I cannot get over the sheet music wig, which is synonymous with the Queen of France's high stacked locks.  So creative, wouldn't you agree? I love the dramatic set up, and the scenes being acted out of Marie Antoinette reading the sheet music, then can't be bothered by such a task, and tosses the music in the air! It's fitting, and it's glorious! 

Many thanks to Kirsten Tyrrel Photography for this amazing submission, and bringing me a little dose of Marie Antoinette to share with you all! 

Photographer:  Kirsten Tyrrel Photography//Event Designer: Forevermore Events//Event Venue: The Garden at Tonaquint Park//Dress & Accessories: Lauren James Bridal//Jewelry: McArthur Jewelers//Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Love this. Not just because I'm obsessed with Marie Antoinette, LOL but because it's just amazing!

    1. Hi Shafonne! Thanks for stopping by! Isn't it amazing?! Glad to know I'm not alone in the obsessed over Marie Antoinette! Ha ha! :)

  2. I kind of wish she would have smiled more, I love the pictures but she definitely should have smiled in some of them!

    1. I don't think this model broke character of playing a dramatic Marie Antoinette, and I think that was the intention. I do see what you mean, though! :)


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