{Bridal Portrait} Glamorous Starlet Meets Urban Grunge

When Robin at Studio Eleven Photography submitted to us another of her fabulous bridal portrait shoots, I knew I'd love it, as I always do.   Robin has this knack for capturing brides at their most elegant, and her work is truly beautiful.  Upon seeing this shoot, and then seeing the contrast of a classy and elegant bride with an urban grunge twist I was all over it!   

Robin shared with us about how this bridal portrait session came to be:
From the moment this gorgeous bride stepped in front of my camera for this urban bridal session, I was very inspired by Marilyn Monroe. With that inspiration we went for classic glamour amidst the grunge of the urban setting. The bride's radiant glow shined through in every photo. The antique sofa was lent to us from the local antique store and was the perfect piece for the "old starlet" look I was going for. The entire sessions was shot in one alleyway area of this small Texas town and served for the perfect backdrop to contrast with the bride's classy chic look.

Enjoy this Glamorous Starlet Meets Urban Grunge styled bridal portrait, captured by Studio Eleven Photography:

I love it! I love the juxtaposition of the gorgeous bride, in her stunning gown, against the oddly colorful exposed brick wall and random pieces of lumber! It is gorgeous! The antique sofa in the middle of the alley is an awesome touch, too! 

Many thanks, as always, to Robin at Studio Eleven Photography for submitting to us another of your awesome bridal portraits!

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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