{Styled Shoot} Beach Love

One of my two favorite props lately for an engagement shoot, styled or otherwise: the beach & balloons! They both add a splash (yes, pun intended) of fun and color to a shoot.  Of course, set the shoot up at just the right time of day, nearing sunset, as MickoPhoto does here, and you've got a memorable shoot.  

We've had the pleasure of featuring MickoPhoto once before, and are thrilled to have them grace us with their beautiful imagery yet again.  Take a look for yourselves, and please enjoy the breathtaking shots:

Our many thanks to MickoPhoto for submitting to us your beautiful beach side work!

Photography: MickoPhoto//Event Designer: Linnea Adams
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. This couple is so cute, and they look so in love...love those balloons - great touch!

  2. The venue for the photo shoot undeniably made the image more romantic. The sand, sea, and sun all worked together to make a lovely scene. Very nice!

  3. Fantastic setting, loving the simplistic theme they have used! The pink balloon really does look great, it's like the cherry on top!

  4. That is so romantic. I love all these pictures. Both of them look so lovely.


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