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As a blogger, I absolutely love being in the position I am to be able to promote wedding related businesses in the Phoenix area.  My goal in doing so is to help put local businesses on the map in as many ways as possible.  I get to do just that today, but I also get to feature an individual that I am honored to call a very dear friend of mine.

Today we are thrilled to be shining our Vendor Spotlight onto a company that is in the business of making brides look & feel beautiful on their wedding day.  Please welcome along with me, Babydoll Weddings!

Babydoll Weddings is the premier on-site bridal hair & makeup provider in the Phoenix Area & beyond. Their services include airbrush makeup application, hair extensions, updo's, false eyelashes and tattoo cover-up, to name a few.  The fact that they provide their services on-site enables them to accommodate small & large bridal parties near and far. They have caught the attention of many a bride, and as such have received the coveted Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award for 2013!

Sabrina Miller-Castillo, whom is the owner of Babydoll Weddings, (and my dear friend of many years!) opened up to us about herself, her role in the wedding industry, and her fast growing company.

I present to you now Sabrina from Babydoll Weddings!

What is your favorite color?
Babydoll Pink – of course!

What is your favorite flower?
Daisies. Super simple I know, but they were my grandma's favorite flower, my mom's, and now mine…some families pass down heirlooms – I guess we pass down favorite flowers. I even have a back tattoo with three daisy's, one for each of us.

What is your one "can't leave the house without" accessory?
Earrings or any jewelry. I cannot leave the house without some kind of jewelry on, my ears feel naked if I don't have earrings in them.

Who inspires you the most, both in life, and career?
Family & Friends. I’m very inspired by how much support both in life and in my career I get from family and friends. I’m so grateful for all support; they are directly responsible for my success and drive to keep on building this business. I would one day love to be able to travel all over the world doing in hair and makeup for weddings!
How did you get your start in the wedding industry? When did you know you
wanted to help brides with their wedding day hair and makeup?

Jumped in both feet first! I just had a love for hair and makeup of any kind – I feel that the wedding industry picked me. I just started having more and more requests to help friends and family look their best for a wedding or special occasion and I love it! How often do people work in a profession where you get to make people feel better about themselves? Great hair and makeup builds self esteem and I truly want to help women feel beautiful. It does also help that they are wearing gorgeous bridal gowns too.

Do you remember what it was like having your first bridal client?
I do! (pun intended) I was actually still in hair school and had a friend who was going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding approach me to do hair for the entire bridal party. I drummed up some pricing in my head, knew I couldn’t do all 5 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls on my own so I asked a few close
beauty school friends and off we went. The event was fantastic – I got my first experience of what it was like behind the scenes of a wedding and I was hooked! So thank you to Gina (bridesmaid) and Monique (bride)!

What sets Babydoll Weddings apart from other bridal hair and makeup service providers in town?
Teamwork, Education and Professionalism.
I have built such an amazing team of people, both stylists and the behind the scene marketing and admin specialists. From the first email or phone call brides make to us we strive to respond within 24hrs and make sure they have a quote and our contract in hand. As a recent bride myself, my biggest
frustration in planning was people getting back to me. April is our Bridal Liaison and her soul job is to make sure communication is happening with each and every bride. Kristen, our Marketing Specialist, makes sure we spotlight each bride after her wedding as well as keeps us busy building relationships with other wedding venues and professionals.

Keeping up with the latest hair and makeup trends in the wedding business is also something we pride ourselves on. We meet once a month and devote 2 hours as a team to practicing, sharing and learning hair and makeup techniques. You’ll see us travel to California and around the valley to attend hair and makeup shows/expos to make sure we are keeping up with the industry. This ensures our team can deliver any style the brides or wedding party members are looking for. We are also able to provide great ideas and new trends they may not have known about.

Having a team of talented stylist ensures we can handle small or large parties. The biggest fact that sets us apart from other providers is all of our stylists are licensed cosmetologists or aestheticians.
What can bridal clients come to expect from their experience with Babydoll Weddings? 
We are here for you! We can’t stress enough that we are here to make your wedding day less stressful and make the bride feel gorgeous on their special day. We arrive on time and come prepared with all tools necessary to do everyone’s hair and makeup. We have done enough weddings to also give
support to the bride with emergency kits and tricks such as how to go to the bathroom in their wedding dress. Our blog is a great resource for tips and suggestions for their big day too.

What advice do you give brides when it comes to getting ready for their wedding day?

Have fun! Your wedding day is a very important day in your life, but also remember it’s just one day out of many, so have fun! Don’t stress the small stuff – you’ll drive yourself straight to “Bridezilla”.

How should brides better ready themselves before being beautified by you and your stylists?
Make sure you have a beauty plan starting 6 months before your wedding. Scheduling regular facial treatments, hair cuts and always drink lots of water.

Will you be attending any of the upcoming bridal events about town?
We are always looking for open houses and local events to participate in.  In the coming days, weeks & months you can find us at: Thee Wedding & Event Warehouse Open House (April 6), Brilliant Bridal's Vendor Party (May 4), Regency Garden, and 12 West Main, to name a few.  We keep our fans up to date on where we will be next on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much to Sabrina for sharing with us a bit about yourself, and about Babydoll Weddings! What a great group of talented women whom do serious work, and have fun doing what they love, which is making brides beautiful! 

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Photo Credit: Simply D Photography