{Bridal Portrait} Lakefront Vision

I am just going to get right to it today...this bridal portrait session, by Studio Eleven Photography, is gorgeous, artistic, and charming!  We have featured many a bridal portrait session from Robyn at Studio Eleven, and goodness does she capture the lighting so amazingly every time.  I see why these beautiful brides go to her for their bridal portraits.  

Robyn shared with us a bit about the session:
Julie's gorgeous bridal shoot took place in a state park overlooking a lake in south Texas. The mid-February day was perfectly sunny with blue skies. The location gave us several different looks within the one portrait session and was a stunning backdrop to the bride's natural beauty. Combining simple and classic looks with fashion posing gave us even more variety with our images and the bride absolutely rocked each and every pose.

Behold Julie's gorgeous bridal portrait, captured so beautifully by Studio Eleven Photography:

Julie makes one stunning bride, there is no question.  I love her dress, it is perfect for her.  Her little sidekick is too cute! I love it when brides include their furchildren in their bridal portraits and weddings!

Our thanks to Robyn at Studio Eleven Photography for this beautiful submission! 

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. See what you mean about the lighting...it's fabulous!

  2. The photographer did a really great job capturing these moments...beautiful!


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