{Real Couples} Courtney & Robbie's Long Hunter State Park E-Shoot

Today's breathtaking engagement shoot comes to us from The Collection.  The lighting captured, the beauty of the natural landscape, and the smitten lovebirds just has us in awe and swooning. 

Erin, the photographer, shared a note with us about the lovely couple:
Courtney & Robbie love the outdoors. Their wedding is centered around a tree theme.. Because of this we decided to go to a state park and take photographs in an environment that they love. The trees were just starting to change and the light that day was a photographer's dream. We happened upon the cliff over the lake and couldn't resist taking photographs on it. Courtney is one tough cookie. She wanted to wear heels during the session and was a trooper and walked all through the woods in them. I loved the juxtaposition of their dress clothes and the rustic park.

Please enjoy Courtney & Robbie's engagement shoot, captured by The Collection:

I can only hope to see Courtney & Robbie's wedding!  They are gorgeous, and so beautiful in the natural environment.  The tree theme is definitely unique and will be one to look for, especially if you are inspired by green weddings. 

Many thanks to Erin at The Collection for this lovely submission!

Photographer: The Collection//Venue: Long Hunter State Park
Submitted via Two Bright Lights