{Real Weddings} Jen & Ricky's Charming DIY Wedding

I love weddings that have a lot of DIY details throughout.  Who doesn't, really? I've had the pleasure of sharing numerous weddings with the most creative details, unique twists on average touches, it's so great to see! I would love it if brides whom have created and photographed their wedding DIY projects to submit to me their tutorials to share with brides! So, any of you ladies out there whom are creating DIYs yourself, or if you did create for your wedding, please send me your DIYs! 

Today's featured wedding  comes to us from Carden's Photography + Film, located at a barn in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.  It boasts a lot of sweet DIY details.  Barn weddings + DIY details = swooning eye candy for us! 

Please enjoy Jen & Ricky's Charming DIY Wedding, captured by Carden's Photography + Film:

So fun and lighthearted! I love all the signage throughout, starting with the wishing wands, and the "Here comes the bride" banner.  Also, did you notice the note on the table, requesting guests to "caw" like a crow to see the couple kiss! So unique.  I love the fonts used (have I mentioned I hoard fonts?!).  I'm also loving the hue of blue, as seen in the bridesmaid dresses and in the table decor.  It's a striking color, and works well when used with the natural tones of burlap and wheat. Speaking of wheat-did you see the groom's boutonniere is wheat tied with a blue ribbon? Love this!

Our many thanks to Carden's Photography + Film for submitting this charming wedding our way! 

Photographer: Carden's Photography + Film//Venue: The Barn at Boones Dam
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. My wife let out a worthy-of-prime-time-news "awwwwwwwwwwwwww" when she was the kids holding the "here comes the bride" banner :)


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