{Real Weddings} Lindsay's Vintage Tea Bridal Shower

If I was a bride to be at this point in my life, where I am consumed by all things vintage and nostalgic, I would want a bridal shower like the one you're about to see! You can tell a lot of work went into the bridal fĂȘte and Karen Feder Photography did a great job capturing all the details.  

Karen describes a little bit about the shower for us:
Being that Lindsay's May wedding will be very vintage, her bridesmaids wanted to throw her a bridal shower that would fit her style. Finding vintage pieces at occasional shops in the area, and having a friend of one of the bridesmaids borrow items to them, they set out to form a vintage tea. Guests were asked to bring a tea cup or mug that would represent themselves and wear a vintage apron to add to the fun. Almost all the food and stationary were created by them, and all the decorating they did the night before. Guests had a great time drinking tea with their pinkies up and celebrating Lindsay!

Please enjoy Lindsay's Vintage Tea Bridal Shower, captured by Karen Feder Photography:

What a charming bridal shower! Lindsay, the bride, had to be all smiles throughout.  Everything is so sweet and darling.  I love the little touches like the doilies as name tags, the little homemade loaves of bread as favors, and the fact that tea is the theme really is apparent.  The simple decor, like the paper poms is a nice touch and brings a little something to the ambiance.  

Well done to the planner that put this on for her lovely friend and to Karen Feder Photography for capturing all the details! Thank you for your submission as well, it is truly inspiring for how to put on a sweet bridal shower!

Photography: Karen Feder Photography:
Submitted via Two Bright Lights