{Boudoir Shoot} Rustic Outdoors

Today we are featuring an outdoor boudoir session from Lisa Hodack Photography.  This session is not only beautiful to look upon, but it is also a "green" session.  I've featured green engagement shoots & weddings before, and now I can boudoir to that mix! 

Lisa explains a bit how this shoot came to be, and how it fits in the eco-friendly category:
Being an earthy girl myself, I've always wanted to photograph an outdoor boudoir session. Tamara and I collaborated our ideas and she turned out to be the most perfect girl for the shoot! She is the owner of an eco-friendly business called Juja&Stone, who makes all natural beauty products, handmade custom bags from recycled materials, and more. I wanted this session to capture a perfect mix between Tamara's natural beauty and style as well as the gorgeous light and backgrounds our earth has to offer. The end result turned out better than I could have imagined!

The end result is gorgeous, and super sexy! See for yourself!

It's been said before, but "green is sexy", and that is so very true here! Tamara is indeed a natural beauty, and looks so comfortable in this setting.  Having this boudoir session take place outdoors gives the shoot a raw and edgy feel.  The lighting captured is so stunning as well.  

Would you lovelies do an outdoor boudoir session? I would consider it for sure! 

Our thanks to Lisa Hodack Photography for sending this beautiful session our way!

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