{Real Coupes} Meredith & Adam's Joyful Engagement Shoot

Aww, I love hearing about how couples met, how they fell in love, and how they plan to spend the rest of their lives together.  Today we have the pleasure to share with you an adorable engagement shoot, captured by Joe Hendricks Photography, with an equally adorable tale of how the two lovebirds met, fell in love and how the proposal of marriage took place.

"We met at church where I was working and he was attending at the time. Most of our dating time and years were spent working or singing music on the stage in the auditorium of the church, so it seemed only appropriate to propose at the place where God brought us together and where God and friends had poured into our lives and our relationship. Adam actually proposed to me right on the stage late at night after everyone had left from church. He wanted to surprise me and since I was VERY attune to anything out of the ordinary, he truly surprised me with the most unexpected timing of all. He lured me back into the auditorium (totally against my desires since i wanted to go home and eat after a long day of work!) and I walked right into a "trap" of friends circled up on stage as Adam led me out into the center of our "cloud of witnesses" to propose to me in his own special way."

What a sweet story! The love that Meredith & Adam hold for one another is apparent in their sweet as can be shoot.  See for yourself, and please enjoy their lovely e-session, captured by Joe Hendricks Photography:

How cute are they? They are both so photogenic, and you can kind of see they know how to perform.  I love their serious poses and expressions, and then their playful smitten stares at one another.  The fun nighttime images are so creative as well! 

Our thanks to Joe Hendricks Photography for the submission!

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Love this! Especially the jump shoot :)

  2. Wow,love engagement!I also hope to have a unique engagement like this!Beautiful!


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