{Real Couples} Kathryn & Nic's Washington D.C. Engagement Shoot

I often live vicariously through the photography submissions that come my way, of couples having their engagements shoots & weddings at places I've never been to.  There are so many beautiful spots around this country, and I surely now have some locales on my bucket list simply because of a shoot I featured here.  Today's featured engagement shoot, submitted by Gronde Photography, took place in Washington D.C., which is high up on my list.  I've traveled to many states in the US, and visited many countries, but of those, D.C. is not one of them.  I can't wait to remedy that!

When Chris & Brandy Gronde sent this couple's shoot over, I was awe-struck by the beauty that surrounds Washington D.C.  And although weather can literally dampen a shoot, Kathryn & Nic did not let it phase them. Chris & Brandy explain:
We had originally planned to meet on the National Mall, but as we were there waiting for our couple to arrive the most ominous clouds began to roll in and we quickly changed plans and headed over to Union Station in hopes to get some indoor shots until everything blew over. Luckily, Kat and Nic were up for absolutely anything including going out into the rain and channeling their inner vintage movie personas for some inspiration. From, Singing in the Rain to The Sound of Music, we shot until the rain subsided and then ventured off to the capitol building to sit on the steps and then discovered a semi-hidden fresh spring that none of us actually knew existed. Every photo we took was just beaming with love and romance that could be seen in every smile. 

Please enjoy Kathryn & Nic's Washington D.C. Engagement Shoot, captured by Gronde Photography:

I couldn't agree more, this couple is beaming with love and romance! I love their style as well, it is very classic and perfect for an engagement shoot in the nation's capital.  I love the fact they were quite alright with shooting in the rain, under an umbrella, stealing smooches, so cute to see! And, this last image here, on the steps to the capital building, having a final kiss, with her heel up in the air, is my favorite.  

Thanks to Gronde Photography: for submitting to us your work! 

Photographer: Gronde Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Such a lovely couple...with such impressive landmarks for this shoot!

  2. My favorite shot is the first one....very dramatic....evokes various emotions...


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