{Real Couples} Rachel & Brandon's Pleasure Pier Engagement Shoot

What a fun engagement shoot we have to share with you all today! This couple, photographed beautifully by CivicPhotos, chose a few locations, with wardrobe changes, for their unique engagement session. I love the vibrant pops of color and juxtaposing of scenes throughout.  

We have shared a few engagement shoots & weddings photographed by CivicPhotos, and their style is always classic and elegant, with a bit of a vintage look to some shots, as seen in Rachel & Brandon's session with them.  

Photographer Barett shared a bit about the shoot with us:
These two folks in love created a scene of classic fashion on The Strand, a fun date on the Pleasure Pier and a Walk of Love on the beach. Everyone loves emotionally-filled images which tell a story…not only do these engagements perform that task they also show us how various dynamic scenes can add to the excitement of an already gorgeous session.

A gorgeous session, indeed, for a gorgeous couple to be wed! Please enjoy Rachel & Brandon's Pleasure Pier Engagement Shoot, captured by CivicPhotos:

Love all the scenes, from the sophisticated look of The Strand, to the fun ambiance of the Pleasure Pier, and then the fun on the beach! 

Our thanks to CivicPhotos for submitting yet another fabulous engagement shoot! 

Photographer: CivicPhotos//Makeup Artist: SassyByYorlin//Venue: Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier
Submitted by Two Bright Lights


  1. Such classy photos. Love the beach ones. All the pics are so sharp and vibrant. Outstanding photography! :)

  2. Beautiful engagement shoot!Love all of them!

  3. Simple but lovely.. You two are very cute lovely couple. Wish you guys all the very best.

  4. So cute couple and it’s a fantastic collection.

  5. Gorgeous color pairing! And that dress!

  6. Cute picture collection, hope you're having a great time..


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