{Real Weddings} Kelli & Craig's Rustic Yorktowne Farms Wedding

Summertime is right around the corner, can you feel it? It's already reached 110 degrees here in the Phoenix area! Weather has been crazy across the country, but one thing we've got going here every year is it is consistently hot when June roles around.  Our only relief is when those thundering monsoons come rolling in-it's one of the times of year you might hear about our weather, with a phenomenon called a "haboob"! It's literally a wall of dust and envelopes our hot desert metropolis to the point all traffic, in the air and on the ground, stops.  You don't want to be outside when these blow through, otherwise you will be covered in dust, head to toe! The other times you'll hear about our weather is in the winter, when we tend to have odd days where our high is lower than other cold spots across the US, or even snow, that sticks, as happened this past winter!  

So, why all this talk about summer and weather? Well, we have a summer wedding to share with you all today! Kelli & Craig's outdoor wedding boasts a vibrant color palette of bright blue, orange and yellow, and perfect for summer! The submission comes to us from Gabrielle Orcutt Photography.  Gabrielle shares Kelli & Craig's story & a bit about their wedding:
Craig and Kelli met while attending college at Lock Haven. Both an education major, they also played on a team in the ultimate frisbee league. A love bloomed that was both sweet and very competitive. Kelli's family lives in York, PA, so it was only fitting to host the wedding there. The ceremony was held at a private residence, York Towne Farm, where Kelli walked down an aisle of lush green grass under the hazy July sun. As they said their vows, you could hear the sound of racing horse hooves pounding the ground in the nearby pasture. Their ceremony was especially heartfelt with three pastors doing officiating duty; each one special in their own way. The last pastor to take the flowering pulpit was Kelli's father. The joy is eminent as he gives away his third and final daughter to a man who loves her dearly. The reception was held in the basement of the barn which boasts a very intimate and cozy setting.

Well, let's get onto Kelli & Craig's Yorktowne Farms Wedding, captured by Gabrielle Orcutt Photography:

Yorktowne Farms Wedding
Yorktowne Farms Wedding
Yorktowne Farms Wedding

What I really enjoyed when viewing this wedding were the fun group shots! I love mid-air shots, or mid run! It's fun to see people's expressions during a split second of action.  It says to me the couple and their bridal party members are free spirited and up for a good time.

I also love the gorgeous hue of bright blue in the bridesmaid dresses, and the gorgeous bouquets which accompany beautifully.  Sun flowers and blue bonnets (maybe?) scream summer flowers.  I've not seen a bridal bouquet with bird of paradise before-that is quite unique!

Our thanks to Gabrielle Orcutt Photography. for the submission!

Photographer: Gabrielle Orcutt Photography//Venue: Yorktowne Farms
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. How do you get a hold of Yorktown Farms? I can find a number anywhere !!!

    1. Hi Lisa, I'm looking into this for ya! Not sure if it is a private residence, or if weddings are booked there through a caterer in the area...I'll report back with what I learn! :)

    2. Lisa, the photographer, Gabrielle Orcutt, provided me with the contact number: York Towne Farms 717-870-4802 Mark Carter is his name. I hope this helps!


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