{Advice} 5 DIY Alternatives to the Traditional Bouquet

We received this great roundup of DIY bouquet alternatives to share with you, and hope you enjoy the different possibilities to make your bouquet unique and entirely homemade:

When a couple announces their engagement, it’s generally assumed that the bride will soon be spending quality time with a florist. But for many of today’s craftier brides, there’s much more fun to be had in creating their own bouquets that reflect the unique couple at hand. Who needs French roses when you’ve got cabbage and strawberries? While a world of ideas awaits you, one thing to keep in mind when browsing DIY bouquet alternatives is the relative ease or difficulty of production, especially if you’re thinking of creating similar or matching bouquets for the bridesmaids. Make sure to leave plenty of time to put it all together, and to get your wedding party to help you out so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Okay, time to get all brainstormy! Let’s take a look at a few fantastic ways to infuse that traditional bouquet with creative inspiration.

Paper Bouquets

Many brides today enjoy making their own paper or fabric bouquets. Old book pages can be dyed to match your wedding colors, or you can simply use light weight paper and florist tape to construct your favorite flower. Or, get away from flora entirely with a whimsical butterfly bouquet. If you can imagine it, design it, and cut it, a paper bouquet can really be made from just about any kind of shape.

Brooch Bouquets

Brooches, both on their own and woven into flowers, are becoming an increasingly popular bouquet idea. Half of the fun in creating these bouquets is scouring your jewelry box and antique fairs for distinctive and elegant brooches. Then, it’s simply a matter of attaching wire to the brooch and taping them into an arrangement. Pearls are great for filling in spaces between brooches, and many brides go for entirely pearl bouquets on their own or as a way to accent distinctive metal work bouquets, many of which can be found on sites like Etsy. Pearls work especially well for vintage themes.

Crochet Bouquets

For the craft lover in us all, crochet bouquets like the one pictured above are both a colorful and down to earth approach, especially when paired with other crotchet accessories. And while you’re in the sewing box, folded ribbons can make for an elegant and unique look, while mismatched buttons are always a good bit of fun.

Feather Bouquets

Whether you’re a bird lover or you have dreams of taking flight, a feather bouquet is an elegant way to go. Feathers can also pair well with other themes, from brooches to pearls to berries.

Shells and Pine Cones

Both the rustic and the earthy brides will love a good pinecone bouquet, especially for an autumn wedding. And what could go better with beachside nuptials than a seashell bouquet? For New England brides, vibrant and colorful fall leaves might be just the thing. Keep your eyes peeled on long nature walks for materials that feel right for you. Nature holds infinite possibilities.

For brides with that DIY gleam in their eyes, there are countless ways to spice up that traditional bridal bouquet. But getting creative doesn’t have to mean getting rid of real flowers. Any of these ideas can be easily integrated into a traditional bouquet, and there are plenty of ways to have fun with just flowers. Why not mix in berries and rushes for a little extra texture and color? It’s all up to you, so get creative, and have fun!

Which alternative bouquet would you go with?

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  1. Love this post! The broach & feather bouquets are gorgeous!

    1. I love the paper bouquet too! And the pine cone option is so unique!


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