{Advice} Finding Your Fonts - Invitations by Dawn

When it comes to wedding planning, there is a detail that might seem so insignificant, but truly, of the many details that exist, this one does really count.  It's the font style you choose.  The font printed on your wedding stationary is the first thing your guests might see when they open that envelope with the words inviting them to attend your event.  The same lettering and styling will be (should be) on the RSVP cards, and possibly on the programs, menus, escort cards and other things to match your theme.

Of all the options out there, how do you know which font is the one for you? Beyond that, how might one know how to mix and match fonts to create the best results?

Well, friends, you are in luck as Invitations by Dawn has made this a bit easier for you with this great infographic called Wedding Fonts 101! They have created 18 different styles to help you narrow down your font choice.  We hope this helps your font dilema!

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