{Advice} Green Modes of Transportation for your Wedding

So, you've taken the steps, or have thought about in great detail, to having a green wedding.  This is a great thing to do, and deserves much thought and planning to see it through that your entire wedding is environmentally safe. You might have your sustainable venue picked out, environmentally savvy decorations are all set, and you may even have an organic cotton gown in your sites, but is your transportation green as well? Have you thought of how you plan to get people to/fro your venue in a way that can help save the environment? If not, never fear, the folks at Green Bride Guide have you covered, with some great ideas and alternatives so that your wedding can be green from ceremony to reception, and the miles between. Take a look at their advice, and consider one, or a few, of these options.

Reinventing the Wheel: Creative Wedding Transportation

A lot of wedding planning is coordinating transportation and trying to anticipate your guests' needs. How extensive your plans must be depends on the season, timing, and location of your wedding. The good news is you do not have to reinvent the wheel. There are many green transportation options available to keep you and your guests happy.


According to the Wedding Report, about 75 percent of couples travel to and from their wedding in a limousine (average cost $674) but there are many alternative forms of transportation that are more fun, more memorable and better for the environment. If you're an athletic couple, it's wonderfully fun to arrive at and/or leave the ceremony on bikes (or a bicycle built for two).

Take it a step further by buying (or registering early for) an even greener bike, like ones made from Bamboo by Calfee Design (calfeedesign.com) or Bike Bamboo (Bikebamboo.com), or a foldable (and highly transportable) bike, like the ones by Birdy (Birdybike.com). If you already own a bike you love, you can "bio-bling" it with a new set of impenetrable, puncture-proof, recyclable polyurethane tires from Greentyre (greentyre.com). Bike ride, anyone?

Car Options

According to the EPA, Cars, trucks, and buses are the leading producers of air pollution in the form of smog and carbon dioxide. Smog irritates eyes and causes respiratory problems like asthma, and carbon dioxide leads to global warming. Every gallon of gasoline burned releases 19.4 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

While you may not think the few miles you will travel to and from your wedding will make a difference, imagine the impact if every bride and groom chose a form of eco-travel--It would literally save hundreds of thousands of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Furthermore, going to and from your wedding is a symbolic journey, and your guests will notice and think about the face that you chose a greener option.


Cars produce almost the same amount of pollution whether they are carrying one passenger or five. By carpooling to and from your ceremony, you decrease the total amount of pollution your wedding generates while enjoying the company of friends and family. GroupCarPool is a fantastic way to plan carpooling for any event! Share a ride for weddings, retreats and even camping trips. The best part is, it's free and very easy to use!

Public Transportation

In addition to being cost effective and environmentally sound, taking public transportation in full wedding regalia must be a blast. The oohs and aahs, the smiles and laughs, the sheer amount of attention and excitement would be electrifying. It's probably the closest thing to celebrity we mere mortals can experience. As an added bonus, trolley cars, buses, and subway systems all lend themselves to unique, arty photographs.

Which of these modes of eco-friendly transportation might you consider including in your wedding? Share with us below by leaving a comment!

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