{Advice} Green Wedding Tips For An Eco-Friendly Wedding Day

Today we are excited to share with you some great advice to planning your eco-friendly wedding, from Nat at Collection26! She's got some savvy tips to help you have the greenest wedding of your dreams. Please enjoy!

So you’re getting married, congratulations! But as you start planning your wedding it occurs to you that some aspects of your wedding seem a little bit wasteful. It’s true, traditionally weddings haven’t been the most environmentally friendly events...

The good news is that there is a lot that you can do to make your wedding much greener and the great news is that you can do so without having to sacrifice style or comfort. In fact, going green can be a big money saver and make your wedding that little bit more unique!
So, would you like to set an example and go green?
Here are some simple ways to do just that!

Invitations & Paperwork

One of the most wasteful parts of a regular wedding is the sending of invitations and the simplest way to avoid the waste is to simply do without. Afterall, you can use email and social media to make sure everyone knows where and when...
But if you can’t stand to do without all together, consider a minimalist approach. You can set up a website fairly cheaply to display all of the details that normal invitations would include:
  • Arrangements for the day
  • Gift lists & requests
  • Local accommodation options
  • Taxi companies
By doing this you can reduce your invitations to a single A5 sheet of nicely designed, recycled paper and drastically reduce the paper wasted.
Confetti or no confetti?
Some couples choose to go without confetti simply because they don’t want any, so if you are unsure then why not do the green thing and request your guests not to use any?
But if you do like the idea of confetti, there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives out there. Just Google “eco-friendly confetti” and you will find options made from dried petals and flowers which are a much nicer option.
For extra ‘green’ points, check that your confetti comes from sustainable plant sources with a low carbon footprint!
Flowers & Bouquets
Flowers are a large part of most weddings and can be relatively green (no pun intended) or completely the opposite. It all depends on what you want.
If you want a very specific flower for your wedding, try to have the wedding at a time of year when that flower can be grown locally. Otherwise your flowers may come with a few thousand carbon miles. Using locally sourced flowers shouldn’t add on a huge cost, but it might save the earth!
Another nice idea is to have the bouquets made from artificial flowers. Although not strictly eco-friendly this means that you can keep yours forever and you can give the other bouquets to the bridesmaids as favors.
Venue & Food
The biggest part of any wedding is arguably the reception and the food, and there is usually plenty of that to go around! Unfortunately, the wedding breakfast is another opportunity to create waste.
No one wants to have a wedding where there is not enough to eat, but you can make your wedding breakfast greener by requesting that your caterers use only locally grown, seasonal veg and meat. Resist the urge to have exotic dishes and stick to wholesome local food – again reducing those carbon miles.
Another way you can easily reduce your carbon footprint is to make sure that your church and reception venue are in a sensible location and close together. If you have a hundred guests all driving from one to the other, the petrol cost can be significant.
Other Decorations
This is the bit where you can have some real fun! The table decorations and name places can be made however you like and using re-purposed treasure will give you the opportunity to make your wedding totally unique.
How about going to the seaside and finding some nicely smoothed stones to use as name places? Engraving a name on each one isn’t as hard as you might expect and it can make a wonderful natural theme for the reception.
You can also have a lot of fun in charity shops looking for trinkets to decorate tables with and when you are done you can give it all back, ready for the next savvy bride to make use of!

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Hi there, my name is Nat, I am a wedding planner from Collection 26. I love creating quirky weddings and coming up with ideas to make a wedding truly special.

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