{Advice} Tips on Ring Shopping for the Groom

So, ladies, you have your ring picked out, right? You've tried on countless wedding bands by now, or just the one family heirloom, and you're all set! How about for your groom-to-be, is he set with his ring? If you and your beau are facing a roadblock shopping for his ring, we have some great tips that were submitted to us from Tanya, whom writes for JustMensRings.com. It is safe to say she just might know a thing or two about wedding bands for the groom, and we are happy to have her savvy ring knowledge to share with you! Hopefully these tips will help you, and your fiancĂ©, in finding the right ring for him.  

What to Know Before Buying His Wedding Ring

Finding the perfect wedding ring for your groom can be a deceptively tricky process. While at first blush men’s wedding bands seem to be infinitely less complicated than women’s engagement rings and wedding bands, there are actually a surprising number of choices and additional factors to take into account. Once they start doing the research, many brides can even start to feel overwhelmed by the number of options.
It may initially seem like a daunting task, but fortunately there are a few crucial factors that you can take into account to help streamline the process. Here are three things to take into account when buying his ring.

Decide which material is best for his lifestyle

Lifestyle is one of the most important things to take into account when buying men’s wedding bands, but oftentimes durability and other important considerations can take a backseat to aesthetic preferences. Traditionally, men’s wedding bands have been made from precious metals like platinum or gold, or sometimes from sterling silver as a less costly alternative. However, modern wedding bands for men are now commonly available in contemporary materials like titanium, tungsten, cobalt chrome, ceramic and stainless steel. Each material has different properties and benefits, and factors you might want to take into consideration include whether a material is durable, scratch-resistant, crack-resistant, hypoallergenic, resizable and engravable.

 If your fiancĂ© has a very active lifestyle or works a lot with his hands, it’s important to choose a ring that’s made from a reliably durable material that is largely crack and scratch-resistant. If he has sensitive skin or any sort of metal allergies (nickel is a common allergen), you’ll want a ring that’s hypoallergenic (for rings that contain alloys, make sure to check on alloy content). If you think your man might need his ring resized in the future, stick with a material that can be resized – due to their strength, some contemporary materials cannot be resized. If you want to personalize his wedding ring with an inscription, you’ll also want to make sure that the ring material can be engraved.

Consider his style and personal preferences

If you want your groom to like his wedding band and enjoy wearing it, it’s important to choose a style that suits his individual taste rather than opting for something that is strictly traditional or more along the lines of your own personal preferences. Men’s wedding bands come in virtually every style imaginable, from classic plain domed rings to edgier contemporary designs. It generally is a good idea to err on the more timeless side of things when choosing a wedding ring, but there’s no reason why his personality can’t shine through a little.

Go beyond surface appearances as well. If you think he would prefer a lightweight wedding band, consider materials like titanium or ceramic. You’ll also want to look at interior fit, as all men’s wedding bands generally fall into two categories: traditional or comfort fit. Traditional fit rings have a more squared off interior while comfort fit rings use more material for a rounded and more comfortable fit on the finger. Many men prefer the feeling of comfort fit rings, although traditional fit rings can often times be less expensive, especially when made from precious materials.

Stay within your budget

All other considerations don’t mean much if you can’t afford to buy the wedding band that he wants. Fortunately, even designer wedding bands can be surprisingly affordable, particularly if you select one made from a contemporary material. If platinum, gold and palladium rings are financially out of reach, don’t fret – you can still buy a high quality ring for the man in your life. Many shoppers on a budget often turn to contemporary materials like cobalt chrome and white tungsten, both of which closely resemble white gold or platinum but are available at a fraction of the cost.

Choosing the perfect ring for your groom needn’t become a stressful factor in your wedding planning. By simply looking at your budget, his personal taste and lifestyle, you should be able to whittle down the many options to his perfect wedding band.

Tanya Naouri writes about fashion for grooms for JustMensRings.com.      

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