{Boudoir Shoot} Rare Beauty

This submission comes to us from Ken Tan Photo, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  It features a gorgeous model, posing in simple lingerie, with a pair of gorgeous blue heels that bring a bold color pop to the simple white background.  

Varying between color and black and white frames shows a bit of artistic range.  The styling is a tad edgy, too, which we always love to see.  Plus, in a digital age of photography, this shoot was captured on film and processed in a photo lab!  That is a rare thing it seems, and we so appreciate this shoot more for that reason. Thus the title Rare Beauty, it encompasses that, and the beauty seen below.   

I present to you now Ken Tan Photo:

Our thanks to Ken Tan Photo for the submission! 

Photographer: Ken Tan Photo
Submitted via Two Bright Lights