{DIY} Swizzle Sticks

What is one to do on a monsoon-y, summery day in AZ, but spend the afternoon making swizzle sticks & cocktail concoctions?! That is exactly how this Friday afternoon went down, and I was in Heaven! 

These little pretties are perfect for your summer events, and were so super simple to do.  I don't have a tutorial, but here are the items needed to make these:

Wooden sticks/batons/skewers
Small-Medium Seashells
Pom Poms with tinsel
Hot glue gun

Aside from the washi tape swizzles, a little dab of hot glue (well maybe a bit more for the seashells) will do you for these sweet swizzles.  I bought the wooden sticks & poms at Jo-ann's, otherwise I had everything else lying around.  I recently just acquired a ton of washi tape, so I had to put that to use for this fun stormy afternoon project.  And, when do I not think of ways to use buttons? I think they add a special charm for their purpose, which is to delicately stir up cocktails! 

*Note: When working with hot glue and seashells,  please be careful.  The shells are not thick, and if you are holding the shell on the surface you will feel the heat of the hot glue.  

If you'd like to see which concoction I came up with, click here.  It's called The Godmother, it is quite strong, but boy was it tasty!