{Real Couples} Julie & Travis's Carefree Engagement Session

When I received this engagement shoot submission from Tuan H. Bui, something told me that this lovely couple loved to travel-before I could even read anything abut them.  Their gorgeous shoot says nothing "travel" about it, but their vibe told me that they've seen the world together. I don't know what it is that I picked up on, but I did.  

Low and behold, photographer Tuan shared that these two lovebirds are indeed avid travelers! He explained with us that the day he met them for their shoot, a bookshelf in their loft had numerous Lonely Planet books of many countries they had seen together.  I have no idea how I was able to pick up on that!

Anyway, their shoot was set in Chicago, which to me is hard to tell.  Although I see the skyline (which I'm not very familiar with) I felt it was set somewhere near an ocean or sea, rather than Lake Michigan.  The bright blue sky and puffy white clouds above provide such a gorgeous backdrop and lighting to the images. Tuan did a brilliant job capturing Julie & Travis's lovely carefree vibe, and their utter adoration for one another.  

Please enjoy this gorgeous engagement session, captured beautifully, and artistically by Tuan H. Bui:

Our thanks to Tuan H. Bui for the submission!

Photographer:  Tuan H. Bui//Venue: Adler Planetarium//Hair Stylist: Daniela Kosta//Makeup Artist: Mishella G
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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