{Real Couples} Lauren & Kris's Central Park Engagement Shoot

What do you get when you photograph a couple of city dwelling lovebirds, sauntering about Central Park as if they were the only two souls around? This beautiful engagement shoot, that's what! When photographer Andres, from andres valenzuela photography, submitted this shoot to be featured on the blog, I got a little giddy! The couple, Lauren & Kris, are a sophisticated pair, dressed just so (I love Lauren's red dress, by the way!), strolling along hand in hand around the gorgeous Central Park in the early fall, it is the perfect NYC engagement shoot.

See for yourself, and enjoy the beautiful moments that andres valenzuela photography captured:

This shoot was so well done, wouldn't you agree?  I do love the image of the two, with the Belvedere Castle in their background-it's a stunning shot! Aside from the image of the pair under the bridge, it really looks like they are the only two in the park. How lucky for them to have such a beautiful and intimate engagement shoot, in one of the most populous cities in the world!

Our many thanks to andres valenzuela photography for this beautiful submission!

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. She is absolutely gorgeous in that red dress! Congrats to them!


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