{Real Couples} Sarah & Joel's Vintage Inspired Engagement Shoot

We are delighted to bring you this sweet engagement session, photographed by Star Noir Studio.  It may be the pearls and perfectly coiffed do, but we love the vintage vibe! The images definitely evoke another era.  

We also love the story of how Sarah & Joel met! Sarah shared their meeting with us:
"The story of how we met... On October, 8th 2011, LSU vs. Florida, 98,000 fans, two Tiger fans would cross paths at a tailgate party, forever changing the course of their lives. You always hear of two people having an instant attraction towards each other and from then on being inseparable. That has become our story! We started talking and before we knew it, hours had elapsed. We were so absolutely absorbed with the physical attraction, as well as emotional and spiritual connection that existed. We both sat there on the cool grass, surrounding Tiger stadium, fans cheering, as we were celebrating our own victory of finally meeting the partner we had always fantasised about. 

We both look back at this day as a day of reckoning, a day that we feel led us to see that true love does exist and soul mates, when found, is an incredible event to behold. We shared our first kiss on that day, and ever since, we have completely lived in awestruck wonder of how completely in love we are with each other. From the first moment we met, we would talk more and more about our lives in depth. The more we shared, the more we just couldn’t believe that we found the most perfect significant other. I would stop the conversation and ask him, 'So whats wrong with you? You can’t be this perfect… lol.'"

How wonderful for these two to have met in such a place of frenzy! That is rare, but it does happen, and here's the proof! 

Please enjoy Sarah & Joel's Vintage Inspired Engagement Shoot, captured by Star Noir Studio:

These two lovebirds definitely have chemistry, that's for sure! I love how beautifully Star Noir captured their loving stares, and then the vintage vibe.  My favorite image is the one 4th from the bottom-it really reflects that old movie star look. 

Our thanks to Star Noir Studio for submitting your work our way! 

Photographer: Star Noir Studio//Hair Designer: Fringe Salon
Submitted via Two Bright Lights