{Real Couples} A Surprise Styled Engagement Session

Who here loves styled shoots? We certainly adore them beyond belief.  They are imaginative, dreamy, filled with beautiful details...we cannot get enough.  We know that you lovely brides gobble up styled shoots as well! It helps in the decor and detail planning for wedding ideas, and it helps find the vendors to recreate what is seen and loved.  

Well, one lovely bride in particular has an equally lovely fiancĂ© that knew how much she loved styled shoots. So, he managed to set up their engagement shoot, without her knowing it, and made it into a styled shoot! Say what?!? Yup! He gets total brownie points from us! 

Photographer Lauren from Sweet Roots Photography shared with us how this shoot came to be:
We are so excited to share this surprise engagement shoot. We had talked to Tecie and Todd several times and knew they wanted to do their engagement pictures on the beach, and were so excited to do that. Todd had actually talked to us and wanted to set something up and surprise Tecie with it. He knew she loved all the styled shoots we had done and wanted to work that into the surprise. We were thrilled with this idea. We got to work brainstorming and came up with the idea of doing a raft. When we got to the beach, we set out working on building a raft and getting all the little details planned. 

We got all the props from the local dollar tree and souvenir shop. We planned to do the session at sunrise. Tecie thought we would be doing them later that night. We snuck out that morning and set everything up. Todd told her he wanted to go for a sunrise walk on the beach and then take her out to breakfast so to get dressed up. She was so surprised when she walked down to the beach and saw the set up! We are so happy with the results. It was such a fun shoot!

What a sweet guy to make this happen for his bride-to-be! Without further ado, please enjoy Tecie & Todd's Surprise Styled Engagement Session, captured by Sweet Roots Photography:

surprise styled engagement shoot
light pink roses and baby's breath

What do you say, ladies? Will fiances all over the world be getting nudges tonight?! My hubby might so that we could do an anniversary styled shoot! I love it that the details were bought at Dollar Tree, one of our fave craft go to stores, and a nearby souvenir shop! I adore the makeshift raft-what a thoughtful and creative photographer to get that set up! 

Of course what stands out is capturing Tecie's reaction, and how the surprise unfolded.  And then how the two just looked like models for their styled shoot, all relaxed and dressed the part.  I love the absolute joyful beaming smile in this last image-it sums it all up.  

Great job to all, and our many thanks to Sweet Roots Photography for this amazing submission! 

Photographer: Sweet Roots Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. This is so sweet...I am interested to see what he has cooked up for the wedding?


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