{Real Wedding} Kristen & Dan's Summer's End Wedding

When Christi Falls Photography sent over this couple's wedding, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful summery color palette of jordy blue, fuchsia and orange.  It's a striking combo, especially with the coordinating floral arrangements! I had a hard time identifying the blue, as it is not quite aqua (to me), it is not quite periwinkle, nor light/baby blue.  I had to refer to my new favorite site, Big Huge Labs, to identify the blue.  If you find an image of a color you love, but need help identifying the hue, give this site a try! Simply upload your image, and it'll spout out all the colors it finds, and their code if you need.  It's not 100% accurate, as I put in an image of bouquets and it told me there was black and beige, but it worked for this case.  

Anyway, this lovely couple's wedding took place last year on September 1, which is the tail end of the summer months.  Orange is a great bridge color between summer & fall, and I love how this blue compliments for the almost changing of the seasons. 

Please enjoy Kristen & Dave's Summer's End Wedding, captured by Christi Falls Photography:

color palette generator

I loved seeing the candid moments throughout, and I had to include them! The image of Kristen and a bridesmaid looking out the window, to possibly spot the groom, is cute to see.  Also the image of the bride looking at herself in the mirror, then smiling at the camera in the reflection.  The one that stands out the most to me, is the image of the bride & groom looking at each other during the ceremony, and the bridesmaids' expressions! 

Our thanks to Christi Falls Photography for sending your work our way! 

Photographer:  Christi Falls Photography//Venue: Governors Club//DJ: Island Sound & Video//Shoes: Martinez Valero//Floral Designer: Victoria Park Florist//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: VIP Formal Wear
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Lovely couple! And nice observation that orange is the 'bridge color' between summer and fall!


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