{Real Weddings} Debbie & Anthony's Charming Chaminade Resort Wedding

Charming is indeed the perfect way to describe today's featured wedding.  It is light and refreshing, with just a tinge of a coastal vibe, and a bevy of vintage travel inspiration. Every turn has something to swoon over, and smile about.  

The lovely bride Debbie shared with us a little bit about her relationship with her groom Anthony, and how a travel themed wedding was the perfect choice for the two:
We both love to travel and the start of our relationship had a very international flare. We met in Mexico at a friend's wedding, and even though Anthony lived in Seattle and I lived in Santa Monica, we decided to give it a try.

Shortly after we started dating, I moved to Auckland, New Zealand for work for 6 months, putting us in different hemispheres, not just different states. We managed to be in 4 different countries together during just the first 6 months we dated. To say that during the first year and a half of our relationship we did a lot of flying would be an understatement. The travel theme just seemed appropriate to help tell the story of our relationship.

What a great story! It takes a lot to endure lost distance relationships, especially when it involves a couple being separated by a large body of water, on separate continents.  Luckily for them traveling continued to bring them together, and we get to see how that played out in their wedding!

Please enjoy Debbie & Anthony's Charming Chaminade Resort Wedding, captured by Julie Cahill Photography:

Too sweet! I love Debbie's bridal look and style, which I adore how she wore her hair in a somewhat loose bun with the feather clip.  Her elegant veil for the outdoor ceremony was perfect! The setting is gorgeous and serene.  I love the couple's private session near the lighthouse, and along the bit of dry grassland near the ocean (sorry, I'm a desert rat, I don't know the term for that bit of land...).  It's a gorgeous locale, to say the least, and makes me want to go spend the afternoon there.

The decor is right up my swooning alley, obviously! I am easily swayed with a vintage travel theme, and I love it all!  It's kind of hard to see, but I love the flowers made of maps! I'm always a fan of "destination" named tables and places settings-I did this myself for my Provence themed wedding.  The couple chose locations that meant a great deal to them both during their relationship prior to marriage.  It's very personal and touching to see.

Oh, and I do love the color palette of gray, red & blue.  It's done so elegantly here.  The floral arrangements in the bouquets are gorgeous! I love those dark red mums, they are very bold and moody.

Many thanks to Julie Cahill Photography for this beautiful submission!

Photographer:  Julie Cahill Photography//Venue: Chaminade Resort and Spa//Event Designer: Wylie Weddings/Invitation Designer: Aerialist Press//DJ: Elite Entertainment//Cinema and Video: Eric Arvizu Video//Floral Designer: Laughin' Gal Floral//Equipment Rentals: Photo Works Interacitve//Cake Designer: The Buttery Bakery//Hair Stylist: Tranquille Spa
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. So beautiful! Love the colors too!

  2. The bride with the red flowers is looking very gorgeous. They increase the bride’s beauty. Rings are also very awesome and showing the love of couple.


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