{Real Weddings} Emma & Jon's Glen Tavern Inn Wedding

F√©licitations! Felicitaciones! Congratulations! However you say it in your pocket of the world, the celebratory words resonate across the globe with the same message of well wishes to a newly married couple's future.  

So why the language lesson today? Well, this wedding features a unique table number concept, that this multi-lingual speaker (moi!) loves! Emily from Puente Photo explains:
During the reception, each table was labeled with a different country or city where one of them had been before, and where they hope to travel together in the future. Each table was taught how to say "Congratulations, Jon and Emma!" in their table's language!

I love this idea! And, I do love this wedding.  Emma & Jon make a beautiful couple, and have a warm vintage vibe to them.  Their choice of a historic venue helps drive that vibe further.  

Please enjoy Emma & Jon's Glen Tavern Inn Wedding, captured by Puente Photo:

Our thanks to Puente Photo for this beautiful submission!

Photographer: Puente Photo//Venue: Glen Tavern Inn
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Loving the shoes...so different!

    1. I know, I don't know where she got them, but they are cute! Love the groom's shoes too!


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