{Real Weddings} Laura & Matt's Parisian Elopement

Many of you may or may not know that I used to live in France, twice.  Once in the lovely town of Strasbourg, on the German border, and once in Paris.  My time there was amazing and completely shaped my life.  I do miss France like an old friend. It's a superb country with amazing people, and I'm glad to call it my second home of sorts. It goes without saying how much I really appreciate, j'adore, whenever I may receive a photography submission of a couple's engagement shoot or wedding that took place in France.  Today I am able to share just that, and with perfect timing of Bastille Day having just passed (yesterday)! Oui oui!

The submission comes to us from Jeanine Thurston Photography, who happened to be in France when Laura & Matt decided to elope.  Here is what she had to say about this couple's lovely elopement:
Laura and Matt from Denver, Colorado were married in a very last minute destination elopement on May 3rd, 2013 in France. They traveled to France because they knew I was over there for a couple weeks photographing for other clients, so in 3 short months planned a wedding there. A wedding in Paris was Laura's dream. They flew into France on May 1st which is French Independence day - a day when everyone passes out Lily of the Valley flowers on the street.

We traveled the Paris Metro that day - starting with her wedding at Notre Dame Cathedral, then onto the Eiffel Tower, and finishing up at The Louvre museum.

Please enjoy Laura & Matt's Parisian Elopement, captured by Jeanine Thurston Photography:

notre dame wedding, paris
parisian elopement

Oh, merci, merci! This is just what I needed. How lucky for these two, to be able to marry in Paris!

Did you notice the "love lock", with their names on it?  This is a trend that couples are doing when in Paris and various cities throughout Europe.  They put their names onto a lock, and lock it up to a bridge where walls have been dedicated for this purpose.  If you and your spouse-to-be are planning to honeymoon in Paris, be sure to add in a lock to your suitcase to leave your mark! 

I love it that Jeanine photographed the pair on the metro, by the way! Seeing the accordion player serenade them is a great memory to have captured for them.  

Thank you so much to Jeanine Thurston Photography for sending this our way!


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  1. The “love lock” trend is very interesting thing for couples in Paris. Bride is also very pretty and the headband is looking like a precious crown on her head.


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