Real Weddings: Tammy & Casey's "Lucky in Love" Wedding

Fuchsia & turquoise, plus all the trimmings of country western chic goodness sums up this cute as can by wedding, submitted to us by Heather Smith Photography.  I decided to start off the feature with these gorgeous boots that look like they come from Country Outfitter...I dream of having them sponsor a giveaway for our readers, since we get a lot of boot wearing brides gracing our blog lately!  They (the boots) put the color palette of the theme in motion.

Photographer Heather described with us a bit about Tammy & Casey's sweet nuptials:
I had met Casey for the first time when I what shooting his sister's engagement pictures last spring and then met Tammy at his sister's wedding in September. I can't tell you how much it meant to me when Tammy called with the news of her's and Casey's engagement and wanted me to be their photographer. Being a country girl myself I really enjoyed capturing all the details of this day, starting with the heels for the ceremony and beautiful cowboy boots for the reception! The mid morning of preparation was full of laughter and fun, all the details came together and the seeing the kids get excited made the day even more enjoyable! Lucky in Love was the theme of the wedding! 

Tammy also had a beautiful brooch bouquet that was created from gifts at her bridal shower, it was a beautiful accent piece on her's and Casey's table. Casey & the groomsman prepared at Tammy's house not too far from Tammy's parents house where her and her bridesmaids prepared. The East Nicolaus quaint church was full for the intimate ceremony, followed by the perfect setting for a reception at Tammy's parents home; the airplane hanger converted to: dining room, dance floor, and stage for the live music performed by "Auburn Ravine". A couple houses down from Tammy's parents was a carriage with horses ready to take the couple and kids to the reception for their very GRAND entrance. As the beautiful day turned into night, a surprise firework show filled the sky with sporadic flashes of light and colors. I feel honored being able to capture this special day in Casey and Tammy's life and was amazed at how perfect every detail of the day was.

I love that people things like airplane hangers on their property! What a great "venue" to have and to be able to use for large scale family events like weddings! 

Please enjoy Tammy & Casey's Quaint Country Wedding, captured by Heather Smith Photography:

wedding boots, bridal party boots

Love the way the "Lucky in Love" theme played out here.  I love the fact that vintage looking horseshoes were used, with the sweet tags that adorned them.  I also love the fact that she carried her brooch bouquet full of gifted brooches from her bridal shower.  That is a sweet sentiment to have everyone bring a brooch for the bride, be it brand new or handed down.  Definitely as savvy detail to put in your pocket, my bridal friends!

Thanks to Heather Smith Photography for submitting another of your sweet wedding submissions! 

Photographer: Heather Smith Photography//Florist: Botanica Florist//Venue: Private Residence
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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