{Real Weddings} Taylor & Lee's Dreamy Springtime Wedding

There are three things that Texas has: wide open spaces, gorgeous sunlight and Studio Eleven Photography.  What do you get when you combine all three at a wedding? A beautiful display of imagery that couples can gush over year after year.  I have quite a few bridal portraits from Studio Eleven, so when I receive a wedding submission from photographer Robin, I get so excited to see what she captures, like in Taylor & Lee's wedding.  

I always love how she works with the sun's rays, and as you'll soon see, the images come out with a dream like glow to them.  The color palette of coral, peach, mint & beige is definitely eye catching as well, and works so beautifully for this springtime setting.  See for yourself, and prepare to swoon:

So gorgeous! Taylor's dress is stunning, and her veil is the perfect style to accompany.  I love the image of the two under that mighty tree, with her veil extended out.  I also love how Robin used the veil to envelope them with for some tender moments.  

Our many thanks to Studio Eleven Photography for this beautiful submission.

P.S. I do hope the bride sees this and shares where she found her dress, veil & the bridesmaid gowns! :)

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Whispy clouds float over the horizon as fairies softly touched by coral dance....

  2. This is so sweet! Those bridesmaids are sassy...the photographer did a great job!

  3. Goodness! So pretty!


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