{Advice} The New Wedding Registry

As you get closer to your wedding date, you might glance a few times at your wedding registry, if that is what you are doing, to see the progress, or non-progress.  You might see that the china you've picked out has been purchased by your Great Aunt Dot, your co-workers pitched in to get you the barware you've both had your eye on so that you may host fabulous cocktail parties, the bakeware was picked up by your sister, etc.  These items are typically on the "traditional" registry list.  What about the "non-traditional" items at places that might not offer a registry?  Well, today we are here to suggest a few ways to go about that, and also share some fun "non-traditional" wedding registry items that might suit your newlywed love nest!

Gift Cards

Gift cards aren't new by any means, but we've got a few things to say on the manner, as this is a popular form of gift giving at weddings, birthdays, etc.  Gift cards are the easiest way to gift to a newly married couple.  They might be for the store your registry is at, or it might be to a variety of places like restaurants, movies, airlines, etc, which can be fun entertainment. Sometimes it is hit or miss, as with most things when it comes to gift giving/receiving.  People that really know you might give you a gift card to somewhere .they know you both will love, rather than going your registry route, or the route of not-sure.  Either way, all gestures of gift giving is very much appreciated.

When it comes to gift cards to places you are registered at, you can pool the cards together and go to that store with the intention of using all at once.  You might also bring along items you would like to return.  You (usually) can group the store credit for returned items and all the gift cards into one lump sum if you plan to use right then and there, or into one card, so you don't have 10 gift cards in your wallet if you plan to wait on your big purchase.

Don't forget that when you close out a registry (again usually), there is a discount, so you are able to even save and/or spread the gift cards further! This way, if you want that beautiful coffee table you both had your heart set on, you might be able to get it now with your savvy planning and saving. (I might've done this myself...)


Have you ever noticed when you go about your online shopping, and when you select an item it says "add to basket" or "add to wishlist"? Well here's a savvy tip for you...this is where the "new" registry comes in, and where you can learn that you can really put things on your registry you might not have thought was possible.

Let me introduce you now to Amazon's wishlist function! I just discovered this feature, and I believe it's going to change how I shop, and how others might shop for themselves or others.  Basically it's a widget that you can easily install into your web browser's tool bar, like you might with Pinterest, or other social media buttons you have.  Once you install this, you can go to ANY of your favorite online retailers, find items you love, and with your new fandangled Amazon wishlist button, click it (the button in your tool bar), a pop-up window will appear and so too will the item you want, and boom, it's added to your Amazon wishlist! You can even specify "wedding registry" in a dropdown menu list.  So, that too means that you can put "Amazon" as your registry, so people can find all these great things you've "wish-listed", or they can give you Amazon gift cards that you can use.  Be sure that you do create a registry with Amazon in the first place, so that option is there when you want to add items from various online retailers to it.

Also, some online retailers have "add to wishlist" options in their shopping cart sections, and of those stores, some do have the "add to Amazon wishlist" option! So easy, right? One such online retailer is ModCloth! Yet another reason to love this online retailer! Other retailers are ArtfireRusty ZipperGreybird and a few more.

Non-traditional registry items

Now for the fun, non-traditional registry items I was talking about about the top of the post.  If you and your spouse-to-be have a taste for unique and different items for your newlywed haven, but aren't offered at the typical registry stores (i.e. Crate & Barrel, Macy's, etc.), we've found a few at ModCloth that we are going to share with you here, so that you can see 1) their newly launched home decor collection full of unique, quirky finds, and 2) how easy it is to add items like these, or at other retailers you both love, to your Amazon wishlist!

As I mentioned, ModCloth's home decor has some quirky-ness, as most of their items do, with equally quirky fun names. Here's what we found:

Secret Ingredient Spoon

Lovin Spoonfuls Set


Groovy Getaway Tent

Interest Coop Keepsake Board

Juice Stop By Glass Set

Soda They Say Cutting Board

Served with a Twist Corkscrew

Make Your Case Shelf

The Royal Chalice Glass Set

Trail Remix Radio

Dlish Deviled Eggs

Cocktails for a Crowd

Fresh First Course Apron

Five Amour Minutes Pillowcase Set

Everything here I might get for my own home! I'm so loving that vintage luggage bookshelf, and I just added that to my birthday wishlist!

With what's listed above, you're all set to make cocktails for a crowd, appetizers for a dinner, get your table decked out with fun glassware, play some tunes on a cute little MP3 compatible radio, even add some ambiance to your sweet little newly married abode, all while looking stylish doing so! 

We hope you found the new ways to fill your registry helpful, and we hope you enjoyed some of the fun items that don't have to be off your registry!