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When it comes to wedding etiquette, do you get as lost as I do with what is right, wrong, and every shade of gray? There are so many things to question and how best to go about all manners.  To help us with some savvy wedding etiquette pointers, our friends at Pop The Champagne have sent over these great tips!  Give them a read, we hope you enjoy their suggestions as much as we do!

Traditional wedding rules have been flipped on their head in the last few years with a stronger emphasis on personal details, DIY and funky ideas. With that shift, traditional wedding etiquette has changed too
(although some of those “old fashioned” guidelines still apply!). Anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that I am the furthest thing from Miss Manners and I believe in marching to the beat of your own wedding drum…but I do get asked the same few questions all the time from even my most non-traditional couples. So here are my top NEW rules of wedding etiquette:

Who pays for what? 

Ok, these traditional rules have really gone out the window. It is also one of the touchiest, drama-inducing parts of planning. Getting help or a parent is paying? The most important thing to remember is to be very clear and set the ground rules from the beginning. What will qualify as being part of “the budget” – the dress, the rings, travel? Do they want the final OK on all decisions? If you have these tough conversations early on, it will save you grief later. Also be very clear with both sets of parents. You don’t want anyone to feel slighted, or guilty because they can’t give as much as they would like. If your mom can’t give a big sum of money, suggest they pay for one item, like the dress or DJ, that way they feel involved without being overwhelmed.

Is it rude to put my registry information on my invite? 

Traditionally yes, it is rude to include your registries on any piece of the invitation. Word of mouth WAS the way to get it out, but let’s be serious- is your mom going to call your college roommate and tell her that you registered at Macy’s? And wouldn’t it be a little awkward if she did? On this one, convenience for your guests is important. If you are doing a wedding website, I recommend including it there because most guests will have to go to your site to RSVP and get more details of the day. If not, an enclosure card with your invites will work too….just don’t print it right on the front of the main card.

Do I really have to write thank you cards?

Yes. You do. For any engagement, shower or wedding gifts (and all three if they got you lots of presents!). They went out of their way to fight the mall crowds, stand in line at Crate and Barrel, and played the toilet paper wedding dress game at your shower without complaint. The least you can do is write them a 3 sentence thank you note. Try ordering your thank you notes a couple months prior to your wedding so you can write them as you receive gifts rather than a huge list all at once, or take them on your honeymoon and write them on the plane ride home…either way, suck it up and do it sooner rather than later!

Who gives a toast at the wedding?

Ah, the toasts. They can be sweet, funny and touching, or drunk, teary car crashes happening right before your eyes. Traditionally, the Best Man and Maid of Honor give a toast…notice, it is called a TOAST…not a SPEECH. Remind them to keep it short and sweet! Sometimes a parent will also speak, especially if they hosted the wedding. I recommend keeping it to a maximum of three toasts no matter who you choose. If you have a lot of family or friends that you think will want to talk, do it at the rehearsal dinner. It’s a much more appropriate place to have personal stories told, and you aren’t on such a time crunch.

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  1. Great Post! Thank you for confirming that yes, thank you notes to have to be written!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and thanks so much for the feedback!


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