{Boudoir Shoot} Rustic Outdoor Boudoir

The setting for this beautiful outdoor boudoir shoot is completely romantic, and is quite inspiring for women whom are searching for their own unique boudoir session ideas.  Once you see this, you might request a photographer to create a similar ambiance for your own shoot.  

Involved in the shoot were dani. fine photography and Eutopia Events.  They shared with us how this shoot came to be:

With the increasing popularity of boudoir photography, more women are discovering what a wonderful experience and unique gifting opportunities await them when booking a such a session . The Dani Fine Photography team always strives to create an atmosphere where a nervous client can relax into feeling beautiful, sexy, strong and empowered while wearing very little. However, many women are in search of something beyond the traditional boudoir session which is where Ruthie and Lauren of Eutopia Events come in. When asked by Dani Fine Photography, this dynamic team created, designed and styled some specialized boudoir backdrops. To achieve this, Eutopia Events had to look not only outside of the bedroom but also outside of the photography studio. 

A charming cider house complete with a rustic barn, an apple orchard and beautiful mountainous views was selected as the perfect location. Although outdoors, the location was very secluded, private, and intimate. Each of the women that arrived were immediately excited to be photographed once they saw the gorgeous spaces and knowing they were going to be pampered with hair and makeup by Crystal Vazquez and Company. 

Eutopia Events created numerous boudoir scenes, including an outdoor bedroom, complete with an apple crate bed, windows trimmed with lace curtains, fluffy pillows, and an antique chandelier. There was also a handmade rope and barn wood swing overlooking the valley below, a picnic area amongst the rows of apple trees, and a vintage, striped, settee nestled along a dirt path surrounded by tall grass. The apple blossoms were in full bloom and the weather was perfect. Assorted props, such as apples, parasols, robes, flowers, books, an old suitcase and hatbox all contributed to each of the vignettes, and created a not-so-typical boudoir backdrop.

You had me at apple orchard....and everything else that went into designing this rustic outdoor shoot!

Please enjoy the beautiful imagery that Eutopia Events created, and that dani. fine photography captured:

My mission now is to find an apple orchard, with a rustic barn, and all the other fabulous bits that make this shoot so fantastic! Might be hard in Arizona, but something similar can be contrived, right?

Our thanks to dani. fine photography and Eutopia Events for another fabulous boudoir session!

Photographer:  dani. fine photography//Makeup Artist: Crystal Vazquez & Company//Event Planner: Eutopia Events//Lingerie: Gazebo
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. A nice team effort. Lovely photos! The swing on the tree was a nice touch too to the session!

  2. Wow,the girls are so sexy and hot!I love the beautiful shoot so much!It worth to collect!Thanks for sharing!

  3. There are so many different styles

    I like the last one best, i think it is most sexy!

  4. So great.She is so beautiful!


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