{DIY} Paper Chain of Love

We are so happy to share another Guest Post DIY wedding project with you all today! Nikki at Jam Paper & Envelope has a sweet project that is easy to do: Paper Chain of Love! Remember paper chains? We would make them as a countdown to Christmas, or to decorate in the classroom.  The concept is the same, but with a bit of a wedding twist! I'm going to turn it over to Nikki now, as she'll walk you through this one of a kind DIY.  Please enjoy!
Are you the type of bride who would rather Do It Yourself than buy a bunch of mass produced wedding decorations? Then read on. This tutorial covers a classic paper chain garland, similar to the ones you made as a kid. The difference is that it’s customized with loving notes from friends and family who will be attending the wedding.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Kraft Paper Roll

Step One – Cutting the Strips

  • Unwrap your Kraft wrapping paper and tap the ends to a flat surface
  • Line your ruler along the bottom of the paper and make a pencil mark every 1 ½”. This is how wide your chain strips will be.
  • Turn your ruler vertical and line it up with the pencil marks. Trace lines across length of the paper. 
  • Take your wrapping paper cutter or scissors and cut out the long strips of paper. 
  • Measure out 8” on each strip of paper and cut. This will give you the length of the strips.

Step Two- Love Notes

This is the easy part. When you are sending out your wedding invitations include one pre cut strip of Kraft paper in the envelope. Encourage guests to write a heartfelt love note to the happy couple and send it back with their RSVP card.

Step Three- Create Your Chain

This part should take you back to your 2nd grade art class. Create a circle with one strip of paper; secure the two ends with glue or invisible tape. Loop a second strip through the already made paper circle and secure. Continue this process until all your love messages are looped together creating one long chain. Don’t have enough love notes, alternate between blank strips of paper and ones with love messages on them.

That’s all you need to do to create this rustic and heartfelt paper chain. Hang it at your wedding for a lovely detail. What’s more, your guests will feel included in your wedding, making the day all the more special for everyone.

Such a sweet project! Whether guests can attend, or cannot, their love notes to you both will surround you on your wedding day.  Guests will see this and maybe try to find their note.  Children might gather to find their notes, which might cause for some sweet candids.

Our many thanks to Nikki for this great DIY project! You can learn more about Jamper by visiting their website www.jampaper.com, or by finding them on Facebook.

If you have a wedding related DIY tutorial you would like to share with our readers, please send an email to info@savvydeetsbridal.com.