Real Couples: Allison & Kyle's Fun on the Farm Engagement Session

For your engagement shoot, will you be having props with you, or will you both just arrive as is, hand in hand? Either way works, really, yet I do find having a fun little prop or two added into the mix brings a bit of charm and character to the shoot, and says something about you both.  You don't have to buy props, they can certainly be something you already own, can easily be made if you have the resources, or you can buy or rent them from rental places.  A prop can be a book, a figurine that means something, or a fun Save The Date sign.  

Today's engagement session from Stay Forever Photography features the cutest couple, on a farm, with fun signs provided by Colt and Coop Supply and Design.  For the farm setting, these signs and fun prop pieces really drive home the charm.  

See for yourself, and enjoy Allison & Kyle's Fun on the Farm Engagement Session, from Stay Forever Photography & Colt and Coop Supply and Design:

Such a sweet session! I love the laid back look of the clothing, perfect for the farm. Allison's sweet dress and boots is just darling! Of course we love the "natural props" provided by the farm! The lighting that was captured is beautiful, too.  Everything seems to have this soft warm glow. 

Our thanks to Stay Forever Photography & Colt and Coop Supply and Design for sending your work our way! 

Submitted via Two Bright Lights