{Real Couples} Brittney & Logan's Modern Engagement Session

Is your photographer a choreographer? Is your photographer an interior decorator? Is your photographer an architect? If you said yes to one or all, you are in amazingly good hands for your wedding related photography.  If you cocked your head to the side and said "huh?", I'll explain...

Photographers are skilled at capturing moments in time.  The spectrum of photography is quite broad, however.  Some have journalistic training, some action training, some have natural lighting training, some have landscape training, etc.  Many fine tune their skills to be in a certain genre, or in many genres.  What you want to look for in your wedding related photography is the "many genres" category.  Meaning...they are shooting your event, so, if it is just them, and you two lovelies, they have to be animated, creative, and above all, amazing! 

I can say that this featured couple's engagement shoot...their photog was a choreographer, an architect, a visionary.  When Matthew Nigel Photography sent this our way, I was floored by the beautiful symmetry seen throughout the shoot. There is a flow to the way the frames were captured, a balance.  

See what I mean in this beautiful session.  I present to you now, Brittney & Logan's engagement session, with Matthew Nigel Photography:

Such a great session! Brittney and Logan make a really beautiful couple.  I can only imagine their wedding is going to be so stunning.  I absolutely love the use of space and the symmetry, as I mentioned.  It's a very modern shoot, done well and simply.  I too like the simple attire worn in muted tones, matching the December sky and landscape, and then you have Brittney's red flats bringing a pop of color to the setting. It's the little details like that, that get me, but that show the attention to detail.  

Our thanks to Matthew Nigel Photography: for sending this session our way!

Photographer: Matthew Nigel Photography:
Submitted via Two Bright Lights