{Real Couples} Jesstine & Ricky's Romantic Forest Engagement Session

This gorgeous couple's fog filled engagement session was photographed by Sienna Rose Photography. The ambiance is kind of spooky with the fog, and the styling of their wardrobe has a vintage vibe to it, which works wonderfully for the forest setting.  

Brianna, the eye behind the lens, remarked that this particular day was a cold one, and that these two happily climbed up a tree and got into the water in order to get some great shots. Those shots made for an extraordinary engagement session! See for yourself:

Love it! The lighting and the fog are amazing! It's almost haunting in only the best way possible.  If you were to see this as a story, it almost comes across like we are looking at couple from the past, coming back to be together again, before disappearing with the fog.  Not sure if that is what was intended, but its a beautiful session.  

Our thanks to Sienna Rose Photography for the submission! 

Photographer: Sienna Rose Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. It seems so magical in the forest! The bench adds beautiful color to the pictures :)


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