{Real Couples} A Magical Beachside Proposal

If you are easily swayed to tears due to sweet gestures, especially of the marriage proposal kind, you may want to grab a few tissues before reading further.  We have the honor to share with you, our amazing readers, this beautiful couple's proposal, caught on camera! The photographer is Lauren from Mozi Photography, and the sweetheart of a groom-to-be, Chris, is her brother.  How perfect for his sister to be on hand to witness this sweet moment, and to capture it every step of the way. 

Lauren shared how Chris got Brittany, his bride-to-be, to stumble upon the sweetest proposal ever: 
Chris and Brittany are approaching their anniversary in a few weeks so Chris thought it would be a perfect opportunity to plan a special day for her, hoping she would believe it was just for their anniversary but ultimately surprising her with a proposal!

Chris sent Brittany on a bit of scavenger hunt on Sunday that ultimately led her to Torrey Pines Reserve and down to the beach. He left Brittany her first clue with a rose in her car that was waiting for her when she got off work. The clue directed her to head home for her next clues. When she got home she was welcomed with another clue and rose, this time letting her know to be ready to leave home by 5pm and to await her next clue. At 5pm, Chris shared just a location with her that she was to drive to. The location ended up being a massage parlor where Brittany could be pampered. After her massage Chris had two more clues hidden in her car. The clues took her to Torrey Pines Reserve and State Beach. Chis left a clue on the map at the visitor center with an arrow directing her towards the "beach trail" that ultimately would take her down to the beach. Along the trail he left her roses love notes reminiscing about their relationship. Everything from how they first met, to their first kiss, to reminding her that she denied him the first time he asked her to be his girlfriend and how he realized then he would have to step up his game to win her heart!

Ultimately she made her way down the trail to the beach and in a few minutes saw him with the romantic backdrop setting he had created for her.

To end their special night they released sky lanterns. Throughout their relationship they have released sky lanterns for different special dates and what better way to end such a beautiful day!

Please enjoy viewing as this sweet proposal unfolds, beautifully captured by Mozi Photography:

So unbelievably creative and sweet! I love learning about proposal scavenger hunts, and to see Brittany's final clue being captured on camera is just amazing.

I love the whole sky lantern bit-that is a touching thing for this couple, and it's great that was included in this momentous occasion.

Our thanks to Mozi Photography for sending not just any proposal our way, but your brother's!

Photographer: Mozi Photography//Venue: Torrey Pines State Beach
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. I love the site for the engagement session! The lanterns remind me of Tangled!


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