{Real Couples} Tiffani & Brandon's Romantic Junkyard E-Sesh

A junkyard for an engagement shoot? Yes, please! When Matthew Druin Photography sent over Tiffani and Brandon's engagement shoot, I was amazed at how calm these two were, in the shell of a hollowed out old jeep! I'd be freaking out that there were spiders and snakes running amok, but that clearly doesn't seem to phase these two lovebirds! 

Photographer Matt explains about how this engagement session unfolded:
This engagement session with Tiffani & Brandon was shot in the middle of nowhere at an old
junkyard in White, GA. The couple wanted something very unique that spoke about them and we all wanted to avoid clique parks and fields of grass. We drove a couple hours very early in the morning to catch the soft glow of the sunrise. We spent a number of hours walking tons of acres of property looking for the right cars, trucks, and other items.

Well, as you can clearly see below, they found the right props, and at amazing angles! Please enjoy Tiffani & Brandon's junkyard engagement session, captured by Matthew Druin Photography:

Love the angles shot through the broken glass windows, whether through a door, or through a windshield! Just awesome planning, and it really brings the whole junkyard concept forefront.

Our thanks to Matthew Druin Photography for this great submission!

Photographer: Matthew Druin Photography 
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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