{Real Weddings} Jenny & Trevor's Whimsical Steampunk Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We saved a gorgeous wedding to share with you today, one that is so vibrant, colorful, and full of much inspiration, we thought you might find it intriguing.  Jenny & Trevor's  nuptials were captured and submitted to us by the talented folks at Hitched Studios, and we're so happy this submission came our way!

What peaked our interest in this featured wedding is the gorgeous color palette, the amazing wardrobe design and the steampunk inspiration.  I was lucky enough to get all the savvy deets on Jenny & Trevor's wedding by the beautiful bride herself! She shared a bit with us about her and Trevor's love story, and what all went into the wedding.  Here's what she shared with us about how they met and sweet proposal.

The Meeting
This is kind of a long story, but a good one. I moved to Houston, TX after college and began work as a stitcher and later moved to the wardrobe run crew at a local regional theater. 3 days in to the run of the first show of the season, I tripped backstage and severely sprained my ankle. With an injury like that, you can’t run a show. I was moved back to stitching for a bit and about 2 weeks later, received an offer from a friend to go down to Galveston and see the musical “Hairspray” as it came through on tour. She had toured with the same company in the past, and still knew some of the people working for the show. She stated that a friend named Trevor would be holding my ticket.

The show was on a Friday, in a city I’d never driven to, in a state I’d only been living in for a few months. I left work that day and immediately hit rush hour traffic. I updated this phantom Trevor on as to my progress on the phone and arrived at 5 minutes until the start of the show. At that point, he couldn’t leave his post to get my ticket to me, and assigned someone else to do it. He described himself as “the skinny guy in the ball cap at the board by the door” so I walked in looking for just that. I saw the board by the door, and so approached the average height, average build, slightly balding guy standing there. Coming up to him, I said “excuse me, but are you Trevor?” He gave me a once over, got a big smile on his face and said “No, I’m not. But he is!” and pointed next to him, to the other board by the other door. And there sat Trevor with a giant smile on his face. I was smitten. We got drinks after the show and stayed at the bar for hours, talking. We’ve been together ever since!

The Proposal
On my birthday! I came out of our room in the morning, and he directed my attention to our cat, saying that he’s been scratching at his collar all day, and could I please check it out. The ring was on the collar!

What a great chance meeting and adorable proposal! You just never know who you're gonna meet, under what circumstances! 

And now on with their beautiful photography by Hitched Studios, followed by the fabulous details. Enjoy!

steampunk groom outfit  
steampunk groom
steampunk bride and groom

Vision for the day
Actually, no. I just knew that I didn’t want to wear white, and that we wouldn’t be getting married in a church.

The color palette
We’ve had the black/white/red combination everywhere we’ve lived. I love turquoise, so we added that in. We had black, white, and red for the groom’s side, and black, white, and turquoise for the bride’s side.
The details
DIY EXPLOSION. I am an intensely creative person, and a professional seamstress. When I’m not stitching at work, I’m picking up extra gigs as a freelance costume and accessory designer, so it was a no-brainer for us to create as many things for the wedding as possible.

My mother created the "yay"s that you see all over the photos. One set in particular kept falling down, so our friends took them outside and took a billion jumping photos with them. We didn't even know til afterwards! Hilarious. The table runners were pages from Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, and the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. After the wedding, the runners were donated to the library where my mother works so that they can be used for special events. I created the paper bunting on the windows and hanging from the beams in the hall, and over 1,000 paper cranes on the tables, in jars, and everywhere else we could fit them. I make them obsessively. I have a hard time sitting still and not creating something, and squares of paper are easy to find. Ergo, tiny paper cranes trail in my wake wherever I go.

I made the giant black and white swag curtain we were married under, and decorated the goggles on the bowler hats of each of the groomspeople. We coordinated colors: black and turquoise for me and my girls, black and red for Trev and his crew. The oil lanterns were a nod to our antique-loving New England heritage, and the tables were named after fictional space ships as we are giant sci-fi fans. In lieu of a cake, we had whoopie pies! My mom's recipe. Every year for my birthday, I always had a giant mound of whoopie pies, so it was an obvious choice for us. I also designed and created my dress, my blue hat, the hats of all the bridesmaids and the flower girl, and Trevor’s ascot.

The Venue
We decided on the venue based on its location. It was exactly halfway between our families, and by a happy accident, we discovered that it was equidistant between 3 major airports, making travel much easier for our many guests coming in from out of town.

The Planning Process
It never occurred to me to hire someone to help coordinate our wedding. We are theatrical technicians, and as such, are constantly in the state of preparing for new shows. We approached the wedding like we were producing a show: setting the location, dressing the set, designing the costumes, etc. About half of the attendees were friends of ours from our various adventures in theatre, so we were very easily able to put together a beautiful event with minimal fuss. It was important for us to utilize the talent of all of the absurdly creative people we're around every day, and being theatrical technicians, it kind of gives us an unfair advantage in the DIY game. It's DIY, but we're professionals at what we do......... so does that still count as DIY? Not sure. The gorgeous blonde in the pink dress and butterfly hat is a dear friend of mine, Meghann Mason, she's the makeup and hair half of our costume/makeup team for all of the projects we do and I couldn't fathom anyone else doing my hair and makeup on my wedding day, so I flew her out. (I made the butterfly hat she's wearing [for a separate event] as an homage to Philip Treacy’s original red monarch design.) Two of my bridesmaids work in the wardrobe department at the Cirque show with me and ensured that Trev and I, along with everyone in the bridal party, looked picture perfect at every turn. Trev's entire "road family" came out for the wedding, so in addition to my crew, we had 4 stage managers (the officiant was one too!), 3 audio techs, an entire wardrobe department, a number of riggers, carpenters, lighting technicians, actors, and dancers in attendance. We could have put on a show. The road family had all of the decorations torn down and loaded out of the building in 45 minutes flat at the end of the night. 

The search for the dress
I designed and created my own dress. As a professional seamstress, I always knew that I would create my own. I tried on a few dresses at a store just to get a better idea of silhouettes, but ultimately went with something completely different. The dress featured a lining of skull and rose printed fabric. I designed the dress to convert into three different looks: A full length formal, a shorter formal, and a strapless cocktail. This was accomplished by zipping off the bottom, and removing the sleeves. I knew that I would want to feel completely comfortable and supported throughout the day, and so I created it to corset down through the hips, and had my bridesmaids lace me in.

The lovely bridesmaids and their dresses
My maid of honor was my sister. Additionally, I had my sister-in-law, my best friend from high school, and my two best friends from Las Vegas.

Favorite moments
Jenny: Getting ready in a tiny cabin FULL of friends and family. During the ceremony, forgetting that everyone else was there and only seeing Trevor and our officiant, and being fully present in the moment. Looking around at the reception and seeing a room full of our favorite people, all wearing clown noses.

Trevor: The looks on the photographers’ faces when they saw our attire: like kids in a candy store. Cocktail hour prior to the ceremony, greeting and welcoming everyone. All of the stagehand friends loading out the wedding in under an hour at the end.

One of our guests surprised us with some club juggling. He knew that we were very theatrical and that I work for the circus, so he brought his clubs, grew out a stellar moustache, wore a top hat, and juggled for us. It was spectacular!

One set of the YAYs kept falling down, so our friends took them outside and took a billion jumping photos with them. We didn't even know til afterwards! Hilarious.

Honeymoon travels
We stayed at the state park for the full week following the wedding to unwind after the event. The week after, we spent a week on Nantucket!

Advice for brides when it comes to wedding planning
Remember that this is a wedding. YOUR wedding. It is about the love you have for your partner and not a competition to “out-wedding” anybody else. There are tons of inspiration sources out there, and it’s important not to lose sight of the real reason behind the day.
Many thanks to Jenny for sharing the details, the planning and that great advice! After seeing the amazing wardrobe designs, I wish I was a seamstress myself so that I could pull off such beautiful creations.  How special to make the wedding dress, and then to make it a dress that can deconstruct into 3 different dresses! Love that!  Can we talk about the hats?! More specifically the butterfly hat, that is amazing! So much detail and unique design.

The color palette is really gorgeous.  I love the image of Jenny wearing the red birdcage-like veil, and the turquoise on her eyes...it's dramatic and so romantic.  

There are so many things about this wedding I love.  Tell us what you love by commenting below.  I guarantee we agree! 

Thanks again to Jenny for opening up with us about your wedding, and sharing your advice!

Many thanks to Hitched Studios for this beautiful submission!

Photography: Hitched Studios, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Dress, accessories, d├ęcor: Bride, Jenny Leigh Dupuis
Bartender: East Creek Catering


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  3. The color palette is really gorgeous. I love the image of Jenny wearing the red birdcage-like veil, and the turquoise on her eyes...it's dramatic and so romantic.

  4. Thank you so much for this post! It is beautifully detailed and nicely shows the best photos of the day. Thank you for including out happy happy wedding on your beautiful site!

    1. Hi Jenny! So glad you like it! Thank you for sharing with us your details and inspiration!

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