{Real Weddings} Sarah & Adam's Steampunk Halloween Wedding

Arizona steampunk wedding

Switching gears a bit today with this funky, eclectic, AMAZING Steampunk wedding!  I love seeing how creative people get for their weddings, and at Sarah & Adam's wedding, creativity was running high! There is even an owl, folks! Best part for this blogger, this is right from my home state of Arizona!

The submission comes to us from Photo Love, and here's what they had to say of this couple's wedding:
We loved this totally unique wedding! It isn’t every day that we get the opportunity to photograph a Steampunk Wedding. It was also a great time to spend with family because the lovely bride is John’s cousin!

Sarah and Adam were on a tight budget but you really couldn’t tell from all the awesome details at their wedding! Sarah’s very talented dad created all of the themed centerpieces including the awesome rotating cake stand. The whole wedding took place and his gorgeous home. The wedding party got their outfits and accessories from Ebay and Etsy vendors and Sarah purchased her totally unique corset from goodgoth.com.

Sarah’s mom works at Bearizona, a drive thru wild life park. Malachi, the owl, was the most popular party guest. Any one who wanted to got a chance to hold him.

Sarah and Adam were married on October 31st and everyone in attendance wore halloween costumes or steampunk styled attire.

So I guess I'm going to Bearizona this fall! I have never heard of this place! See what blogging does? It introduces to vendors and other businesses! 

Please enjoy Sarah & Adam's Steampunk Halloween Wedding, captured by Photo Love:

Steampunk wedding, arizona
Steampunk wedding, arizona
Steampunk wedding, arizona
steampunk corsets
goodgoth corset
steampunk bride
bride necklace
steampunk groomsmen
steampunk welding goggles
men steampunk boots
steampunk groom
pocket watch with gears
steampunk bridal party
steampunk bride and groom
Malachi the owl
steampunk wedding in arizona
halloween wedding

So creative! I cannot get over that owl! That's a first to make an appearance on the blog! I love that cake stand as pointed out by the photographer.  I love it as well that guests were asked to come dressed for Halloween, or in Steampunk attire.  

If you were invited to this wedding, would you have gone in Halloween costume, or dressed in the Steampunk style? I believe I would have given Steampunk a go...it is a great look to pull off when the right pieces are put together, as clearly everyone did so well in the bridal party!

Our thanks to Photo Love for this spectacular submission!

Photographer: Photo Love//Venue: Private Residence//Corset: Good Goth//Jewelry: Etsy//Owl Rental: Bearizona
Submitted via Two Bright Lights