{Signature Cocktail} Wizard of Oz

*Ruby Red Rita *Flying Monkey *Liquid Courage
2 ozs tequila (silver) 2 oz St George Terroir Gin 1 pint milk
1 oz grand marnier 1/2 lime, squeezed 4 - 6 scoops ice cream
12 oz lime juice Rounded teaspoon of orange marmalade 8 - 12 oz creme de cacao
12 oz grapefruit juice (ruby red) St. George Absinthe rinse 6 oz vodka
1 oz margarita mix (sour) Shake with ice and 5 sage leaves 6 oz Bacardi white rum
1/4 cup kosher salt Strain into cup
1 tbsp crystallized ginger Garnish with a sage leaf

Photographer: Nashville Photography Group//Style and Coordinating: The Wedding 101//Caterer: Infinity Restaurant Group//Invitation Designer: Lisa Marie Invitations & Design