Puppy Love: A Roundup of the Cutest Pups at Weddings

Let's face it, dogs are our children.  We feed them, bathe them, coddle them, give them presents on their birthdays or just because.  They are our family members, they are constantly by our sides, they are loyal to us.  When it comes to couples getting married, it only makes sense to include their "fur children" at the wedding ceremonies and receptions.  

We have received the cutest images of dogs at weddings, and we've provided you with this fun little
roundup, to either inspire couples to include their dogs at their nuptials, or just to simply make you all swoon on this Monday morning. (Cat lovers, I'm sorry, I haven't received any cats at weddings, otherwise I'd include them in the mix.)

Whether the pups are as is, or dolled up in wedding gear, please enjoy this fun little roundup of furry cuteness at weddings:

Submitted via Two Bright Lights