{Real Couples} Alison & Clint's Playful Fort Morgan Engagement Session

So, where you are you at in your wedding day countdown? Are you over 100 days left, under 60, 2 weeks to go, or, like this couple, mere days away? Are you ready? We hope these two smitten love cuties are! Knowing that at the end of the week they'll be saying their vows and being surrounded by loved ones has us even excited and rooting for them! This can be a tough week, or easy breezy, but in the end two lovely individuals will be joined in holy matrimony, and off to start a new chapter in their life together. 

This sweet session comes to us from Oracle Imaging & Design, and they shared with us some of what went into this fun filled shoot for these nearly-weds: 
Alison and Clint are getting married in Gulf Shore, AL on 9/7/13. They are such a cute couple and were laughing and giggling the entire session. Their chemistry is VERY playful! They are a very "bright" yet relaxed couple which is why the we shot there session at Fort Morgan (with the fabulous blue wall - which is also one of their wedding colors) and then also at a private beach area outside of Fort Morgan. 

Clint is a police officer and it was love at first sight for him when he happened to see Alison one day at a gas station! He went up to her and asked if he could pump her gas for her! Needless to say, she told him "no" and was a little weird-ed out by the moment and she was dating someone else at the time. They ended up meeting again through friends later on down the road when they were both single and hit it off! ... now they are VERY much in love and getting married! Also, Alison handmade the save the date signs for the session.

So sweet! Love the "pick up line" story, as sweet as intentioned as it was.  Did your love give you a pick up line that you thought was strange, to only later fall for him or her? We would love to hear them!

Please enjoy Alison & Clint's engagement session with Oracle Imaging & Design:

We want to wish Alison & Clint all the very best on their upcoming marriage at the end of this week! Congratulations to you both! 

Our thanks to Oracle Imaging & Design, for sending this sweet session our way!

Photographer: Oracle Imaging & Design
Submitted via Two Bright Lights