{Real Couples} Elizabeth & Andre's Fun At The Fair E-Shoot

Sometimes there is nothing more nostalgic than sweethearts going to a county fair for some fun antics, those sweet moments of winning prizes for the other, and getting cuddly on a ferris wheel.  If the fair is coming to your town and a spot hasn't been selected yet for your engagement shoot, why not head to the fair?  This engagement session from Ueda Photography features an adorable couple that did just that, and it is so sweet! 

From rides, to games, and even some sweet fair treats, this shoot has it all! Please enjoy Elizabeth & Andre's Fun at the Fair session with Ueda Photography:

So fun! Are you and your spouse-to-be ready to hit the fairgrounds for your fun filled engagement session? Check out the dates for when the fair comes to your town and go! 

Our thanks to Ueda Photography: for sending this sweet session our way! 

Photographer: Ueda Photography//Venue: Lodi Agricultural Fair
Submitted via Two Bright Lights