{Real Couples} Gabi & Joshua's Romantic Canoe Adventure E-Shoot

A tranquil canoe ride & a romantic picnic for two sounds like such a dreamy way to have an engagement session. There is something so sweet and nostalgic about this concept.  Today we get to enjoy such an engagement shoot, as captured by Jasmine Lee Photography.  Everything about the shoot is gorgeous, from the locale, to the stunning lighting, and the warm spirit of this beautiful couple. 

The bride-to-be, Gabi, shared some details about how this adventurous little session came to take place: 
So location-wise, other than avoiding cliches, I actually, wanted to have our session, themed with my favorite movie: Moonrise Kingdome. But Joshua didn't want to wear a boy scout outfit. :( But at least, we could incorporate nature and an adventurous spirit, instead of staged with "perfect backdrops." I like that the reservoir already had fun in store for us, and even mystery! Just like our picnic place! It was perfect, and meant to be.

In another sense, I wanted to do something that would get Joshua involved. But due to his paranoia and insecurity, he just naturally became involved. And it got him more excited as well. So he was in charge of buying all the props, and I put them together in context. Joshua was thoughtful with everything that he got, even the cheese knives! He was really focused on making everything look GOOD. Whereas for me, I just told him to get this and that, but he went overboard. So really this has been something Joshua took over! And as a result, he actually helped me envision it and unified it with our wedding. And with our photo shoot, we included our family: Me, Joshua, and Kahlua. And the props, were just props, but what brought everything to life was Us being who we are: trouble (me taking over the boat and actually getting us somwhere!) jokingly romantic, sweet.

OK, I've not seen Moonrise Kingdom, but I shall after seeing this, for I have no idea what it's about.  I imagine it has something to do with a boy and a girl in a canoe...

Please enjoy Gabi & Joshua's romantic canoe adventure e-shoot, captured by Jasmine Lee Photography:

So lovely! What a lucky couple to have had such a sweet canoe ride and picnic for their engagement session.

Our thanks to Jasmine Lee Photography for sending this lovely piece of work our way! 

Photographer: Jasmine Lee Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights