{Real Weddings} Bonnie & Brian's Charming Upcycled Wedding

If your wedding plans include surrounding you and your spouse to be with close family and friends, upcycling what you already have to create a fun ambiance, and including your lovable four legged fur child to be your witness, then this wedding is for you! It's for all really, as it is such a charming wedding to look upon, thanks to Ueda Photography!

Photographer Romulo provided us with some detals about Bonnie & Brian, and their eco-friendly wedding: 
When Bonnie joined MySpace, Brian was her first friend request. They had mutual friends and a great connection when they officially met. While vacationing in Mexico together, the couple went on a guided tour of the area. Brian was eager to split off from the group, but Bonnie wanted to listen to the guide. Finally, during a brake, Brian nearly had to drag Bonnie to a rock on the beach where he got down on one knee. Pulling out a ring, Brian asked Bonnie to spend the rest of her life with him.

Bonnie and Brian wanted an earth friendly event. Leftover paint determined their wedding colors. They used recycled materials such as paper bags, canning jars, fabric loops, and wood scraps to create decorations.

Love it, and hopefully you will too! Please enjoy Bonnie & Brian's Charming Upcycled Wedding, captured beautifully by Ueda Photography:

So cute! I love that their pup was with them every step of the way! The simple decor made from recycled/upcycled materials turned out really well.  Love the unique heart on the tree.  

Our thanks to Ueda Photography for sending this couple's wedding our way! 

Photographer: Ueda Photography//Venue: Badger Farms
Submitted via Two Bright Lights