{Advice} Ten Unforgettable Bridal Shower Themes

Looking for some bridal shower inspiration? We've got a round up of 10 unique shower ideas that are worth a looky loo or two! From a simple Western shower theme, to a "honeydo" theme, these are definitely unforgettable and will surely get your guests talking.  Let us know which theme or themes inspire you in the comments section below!

The traditional send off from maidenhood to marriage... Today's bridal shower can be a sophisticated high tea, a swanky champagne brunch, or a casual and hilarious afternoon get together. While planning a bridal shower, Party Pail suggests thinking about the type of bride-to-be you have on your hands. Is she modern or traditional, a first time bride, or a seasoned pro? Then, think about what would be appropriate in your environment. Is the shower at work or in a restaurant?

Western Theme

Vases made out of cowboy boots and napkins made out of handkerchiefs are the perfect way to celebrate your bride-to-be finally roping in of a cowboy.

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It has been said that you should never marry a woman who reads books, but your favorite bookworm has finally reeled in a man. Celebrate her upcoming nuptials with a shower where everyone brings their favorite book for her marital library, or dresses as their favorite literary character for the afternoon. If you want to be more specific, mimic a party from a famous book like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.

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Charity Shower

If your bride-to-be is soft at heart and loves a good cause, consider a charity shower. This is perfect for the older bride or the bride who already has everything. Instead of gifts, have the guests bring donations for the bride's favorite charity. If her charity of choice is an animal shelter, you could even make the afternoon into an adoption event. As you prepare the bride for her "forever home", you can find a few forever homes for some sweet shelter pups.

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International Intrigue and Mystery

Whether the marriage is finally convincing your travelling friend to settle down or acting as her invitation to wanderlust, a shower focused on international intrigue and mystery is just what she needs. If there's an unlimited budget, consider taking the show on the road to a Parisian cafe or a Turkish coffee shop.

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Soothing Spa Sunday

Your best friend is headed to the most important chapter of her life, and you can send her there, relaxed and ready, when you do a spa day as a wedding shower. Sip champagne as you enjoy group pedicures, and slip in a few moments of meditation during your hot rock massage.

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Cooking Classes

A cooking class gives your bride-to-be a few tips to take to her new kitchen, and it's a gift that will keep on giving. After learning how to whip up a Thai curry or a three course French feast, head to a restaurant where a professional chef will take care of you as you finish the evening with drinks and desserts.

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The Happy Housewife Shower

The 1950s were the golden era for housewives, and you can mine that theme for your shower. Have the guests wear vintage clothing and period hairstyles, and serve some June-Cleaver inspired 1950s fare.

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Stock the Bar

Jack and Jill bridal showers where men get the chance to share in the festivities are a popular and fun way to include both the bride and the groom in these traditional sendoffs. At a "stocking the bar" shower, everyone brings drinks to stock the bride and groom's bar.

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A Honey-Do Theme

At a honey-do shower, everyone brings utilitarian gifts like shovels, blenders, and cleaning supplies. Once the bride has those in hand, she can easily create her first honey-do list. Grooms love this theme!
Photo by Genuine500 via Wikimedia Commons

Bubbles and Bliss

To really let your creativity run wild, pick a simple theme like "bubbles and bliss" where you focus on champagne and happiness, or "love is sweet" where you focus on super-sweet treats while love songs fill the air. Themes like this are the perfect way to tie together a backyard shower or jazz up a shower in the company break room.

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I like the "honey-do" shower, that is really a clever idea! The stocking the bar theme sounds fun, and is a great theme for a Jack & Jill shower. Alll these ideas sound like fun to us, what about you?