{Advice} Wedding Leftovers - What to do?

If you are like me, you might be left with a lot of food from your wedding reception.  I couldn't believe we thought we might run out of food, and it turned out to be the opposite! So, quick thinking, we decided to donate our food to a nearby homeless shelter.  Our venue boxed up all the food, and drove it over early the next morning (it was refrigerated!).  What a way to give back, and warm some tummies in the process! Cake, you'll run out of that for sure, but maybe not your stuffed chicken & rice pilaf.  See if your venue will do the same for you.  If they can't point someone in your wedding party to help arrange food donation for you.  That individual can communicate with the venue coordinator to box everything up. 

Make sure to check with your state and see if their regulations allow the donation of leftover food items. If this is the case, provide your guests with recycled cardboard doggie bags and sustainable wooden utensils to bring home as many leftovers as they want. Provide recycled paper bags with handles so they can carry out the food with ease at the end of the night.

Other ways to donate, post wedding?

Flowers, signage and centerpieces can also be donated to locations such as homeless shelters, women's shelters & nursing homes to brighten up someone's day. My floral centerpieces went to a nearby nursing home, which I'm sure the ladies loved looking at all the flowers, and knowing they just came from a wedding. Even though things like flowers won't last long, knowing that others get to enjoy their beauty for one more day means something.

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Did you donate something from your wedding, or might you now after reading these tips? Let us know!

Photo Credit: Luminaire Foto