{Boudoir Photography} Which Style is Right For Your Session

Boudoir Photography is so hot right now-literally! Of course it's hot due to the subject matter, but it is an extremely popular form of photography that women are clamoring to get done.  Whether for themselves, or for their significant others, it's a way for women to express themselves in a manner that most don't get to see, as if a little secret that not many are let in on.  

As we have featured a few boudoir sessions here on the blog, we've noticed different styles ladies are trending to, such as Vintage Starlet, Rockabilly Pin-Up, a little "Something Borrowed", or Oh la la Lingerie with that Victoria Secret vibe. 

Have you thought of the style that suits you best? Well we've rounded out some of the most popular sessions we've featured here on the blog, in each theme, to help you decide which style is right for your session.  

Some women seek to have a vintage starlet styled session, embracing the look of young actresses from 1930's and 40's era, when this type of photography might have been a bit "taboo".  The obvious trick is to have hair and makeup coiffed just so, and of course finding that special outfit to complete the look.  You can look to Modcloth or Unique Vintage to find vintage & retro fashions. 

Similar to the Vintage Starlet look is the ever popular Rockabilly Pin-Up style! The look is a bit edgy, where tattoos are just as important to the look as makeup and hair, with fun pin-up style fashions that are usually bold in color and might mix in some funky patterns like leopard print.  Mint condition vintage cars seem to also trickle into these sessions, and that adds to the whole vibe, making it an A+ in our books!

Some women choose to have a simple session, wearing only their S.O.'s football jersey, tie, or some material piece that mean's something to that person.  We see this a lot from submissions that come our way, and can vouch that this is very popular for brides to give to their grooms on their wedding night. Guys, and gals too, love seeing their personal items worn or used as a prop in the sexy boudoir session of their ladies. 

And finally we have the "Oh la la" Victoria's Secret style, where women are seen wearing the laciest of lingerie or none at all.  Most ladies out there, including yours truly, would love to look, and feel, like a Victoria Secret model, and a boudoir session allows us to do that for a few hours.  This is also popular for brides to have done for their grooms-to-be. 

So ladies, which style suits you the best? We love all the styles, and see that all work well.  Share with us your thoughts on boudoir styles, or if there is even a niche we've missed.  We'd love to hear your take!

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